Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Love Music

We love music, especially when it's about Star Wars! Songs about our favorite characters and movies make us squeal with delight. Soundtracks from the very famous John Williams are always fun to hear but we also enjoy listening to music from the band High Adventure. In this post, we're going to talk about some of our favorite songs from these guys and video editors.

Savanna's Top 3 Song Picks

The wonderful video editor, LadyVader66 from Youtube, joined forces with High Adventure to create this awesome music video. Since Cad Bane is my all time favorite character, this song means a lot to me. The lyrics of "eyes dark blood red" make me swoon every time I listen to this. 

If you're a true fangirl, this song should make you tear up. Ha ha ha! In my opinion, this is one of the most calming songs in Star Wars. It holds so much emotion of Luke's past and future right before his eyes. John Williams' music is more than amazing...he's a genius. 

This video made and preformed by Dave Bouressa is a hilarious parody of Ke$ha's "Tik-Tok". I absolutely love references to The Clone Wars like "Gonna fight with Obi-Wan" and "Anakin's the Chose One". The song has such a catchy tune and rhythm, I find myself humming it randomly throughout the day. 

Before I hand you over to Fallon, I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to High Adventure. I came across their music a few months ago and still have their songs set as "repeat" on my iPod. They have many songs about Star Wars related subjects and even a few from our other fandom, Indiana Jones. Plus, you can download their first album for free over at Yes people, you read that correctly....FREE! 

Fallon's Top 3 Song Picks

Dave Bouressa and High Adventure created what is probably my favorite song.....X-Wing High (Rogue Squadron)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As an X-Wing Pilot (in my own mind at least), I absolutely LOVE this song!!!  I know all the words...and I totally blame Savanna for this obsession.  (THANKS SAVANNA!!!! I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!)  I pretend to be "Fallon Sunstar, Rogue Pilot" when listening to this song.  It will probably remain one of my favorite songs of all time.

This is probably my favorite song from the Star Wars soundtracks. I hum it often. Again, it satisfies my X-Wing fetish, and I can listen to this song over and over without getting bored! 

This is another one of my favorites.  I love this song, and I actually remember the Indy theme better by singing "Kiss a Wookiee, kick a the falcon...through an asteroid!" Haha! It's such a fun song, and I never get tired of singing/listening to it!! 

We hope you enjoyed listening to some of our favorite Star Wars songs! Is there any Star Wars music that you'd recommend to us?


  1. "John Williams is the man!!" LOL

    Good songs, girls! Binary Sunset is probably my favorite of all of them, though the very last one has been a favorite of mine for a while!


  2. love across the stars and the meadow picnic. :)

  3. I LOVE all of these songs :). Binary Sunset is so beautiful and the two parodies are so much fun to sing(I know them by memory and sometimes like to sing them randomly.) Good song choices :D


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