Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Star Wars Clothing for Chicks

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D, a few clothing merchandising companies are unveiling new clothing items and accessories that relate to The Phantom Menace. Many of these products are geared towards men but I've managed to find a few for girls!

Naboo Earrings- These gorgeous gold earrings by Her Universe feature the symbol of Padme Amidala's home planet, Naboo. Unlike Fallon, I actually have pierced ears so these definitely appeal to me. I'm not a big fan of big dangle earrings but these look like the perfect length and size. The symbol is very subtle too! My single gripe is that they are gold and not silver. I tend to wear silver jewelry but that's OK. They are still beautiful! According to Ashley Eckstein's words on Facebook, this product will not be available online until February 10th but they will be $25.

Queen Amidala Shirt- Here is another lovely item from Her Universe! This bright red shirt reads "Queen" in gold foil along the chest with a little Naboo symbol above it. I love the color and style of this shirt! The scoop neck looks nice and much more feminine than a regular crew neck. Again, my only wish is that the foil wasn't gold but, it's classic to Padme so I'll let it slide. Isn't Ashley Eckstein pretty with the Amidala style make-up too?! This shirt should be available on the Her Universe website on February 10th.
Queen Amidala Shirt- Another awesome Queen Amidala shirt but with a much different look than the Her Universe one. This black 80's fashion inspired shirt looks edgy with a pop of Padme on the front. While I love to wear bright colors, the darker tones in this shirt seem more like my style. I could see myself pairing this with a pair of skinny jeans and colorful Converse shoes. This shirt is limited edition and is only available for purchase this week! Get it before it's gone!

What do you think of these new Episode I themed products? Will you be buying any of them?


  1. so wish my ears where prieced. love the amidala based shirts. i don't like the bottom one to much but hoepfully will get the middle. :)

  2. these are all awsome like aayla i wish my ears were pierced i am acutally thinking about getting them done really soon. Love the naboo earrings and both shirts they are beautiful finally some padme stuff out there. Great post

    1. i know so awesome. needed very badly to find them. :)

  3. I didnt peirce my ears but I will for this :P But 25 dollars?! wow... I have to start collecting money
    I really like the clothes :D

  4. I love the Queen shirt! I may want it, except I want the makeup to wear with it. ;)


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