Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Phantom Menace in 3D Review

We both saw The Phantom Menace in 3D over the weekend. Since it was such a great experience, we decided to share our favorite things with you about the movie and our overall day!

Savanna's Review

Before actually talking about the movie, I thought it would be fun to discuss other awesome things that I was excited about for TPM in 3D. First of all, I'm always up for a chance to totally deck myself out in Star Wars clothing. Since most girls like talking about clothes, I'm going to divulge my excitement. I had debated between wearing my Yoda Stand Up to Cancer shirt or my sparkly red AT-AT tee. After much conflict in my obsessive fangirl mind, I went with the AT-AT shirt and paired it with my Her Universe Manga Hoodie and Charm Bracelet. Ok, moving on...I went to see the movie with my brother, Chase. He was wearing a bunch of cool Star Wars gear too! He chose to wear his black hat that's signed by a bunch of people from The Clone Wars and even Ray Park (the guy who played Darth Maul)!! Our theater was full of little boys and their dads or grandpas. I was the only girl....oh yeah, representing for the fangirls. Woot! We didn't get any cool TPM themed 3D glasses though, just simple black ones. After the movie, a few 501st and Rebel Legion members were gathered in the theater lobby. They posed for pictures with us and I actually got to high five a Stormtrooper (best moment of my life right there). 

Now, about the actual movie, I LOVED IT!! Episode I usually bores the heck out me but I seriously enjoyed every second of it in 3D. Nothing's better than seeing "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" with blaring epic music on the big screen! My favorite scenes were practically anything with a lightsaber and the podracing sequence!! They even added in a few cut scenes to the movie. I'm not going to spoil any of them for you but, they were super short yet nice to see. The detail/clarity of the entire movie was unbelievable. Everything was so pristine and you noticed every little thing. For example, I found myself noticing bobby pins in Shmi Skywalker's hair that were poking out. Seriously! The end duel between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Maul was insanely great. I loved every moment of that battle! 

Fallon's Review

Okay, okay, I'll join in the fangirl fun as well and include what I wore. I was actually quite upset before going to the theater because of family stuff that morning, but that all instantly melted away when I got there. I wore my "jedi skirt", which is just a pretty long brown skirt with cool embroidery on it, and I layered tan and brown tank tops.  I wore flip flops (foot injury ruined my boots plan...) and I also wore my cosplay bomber jacket!  I looked EPIC. I added Queen Amidala lipstick/makeup to round off my awesome look.  The theater was pretty full, and I was surprised at the amount of girls there!!! Fangirls representing at the movies!!! Woot!!! There were a few little girls, a few older girls, and a lot of families. My dad took my sister and I, and we had a ton of fun.  

Now to "review" the movie. I was BLOWN AWAY. The special effects were incredible.  The parts where you look out into space made me feel like I was in the movie. IN THE FLIPPING MOVIE. So happy. Everything was incredibly well done, and I realized how much I really DON'T hate TPM!!! It's not my favorite by far, but still, I like it a lot. The Podracing scene was AMAZING. I won't lie, I pretty much only thought about the arcade game in Disney World where you have to pilot your own podracer and I crash into the rocks each time. Fail. Anyway, it was fantastic!! The theater was what made the experience for me.....I noticed a ton of minute details, like Shmi's hair pins as Savanna mentioned above, and background people in Mos Espa. The end battle got my sister and I all caught up in it, and we were both sniffing and fighting tears as Qui-Gon talks to Obi-Wan at the end. The music is too powerful, it makes my emotions get all distressed. 
Overall, WELL worth the money to go see it....I want to see it again!!  BEAUTIFUL. AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. I LOVE IT!    

Have you seen TPM in 3D yet? Did you like all the cool effects? If you haven't seen it, we highly recommend checking it out!


  1. Me and my dad went to see it for my birthday, sadly, I wasnt decked out in cool outfits like y'all were. The details just blew me away! The pod racing was my favorite part, which was weird, as I normally get bored to death it that one. I noticed Shmi's pins as well! The whole thing was just so much fun!

    Oh, and I did get special glasses, they were. Hard, red, black and have Darth Maul on them. The package they were in called them "keepsake addition".

  2. I so want to go see this! I'm so tempted to go in black boots, black skirt, my Vadar sweater, my black cape and mask!!!!!!!!! But than, depending on which parent agrees to take me, maybe not. I think I'd embarrass my Dad. XD



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