Friday, March 23, 2012


Today I have to share with you one of the most wonderful things that exists on the earth right now. As you all should know, I have a huge obsession with Cad Bane and love him to death. Fallon, who like to write Star Wars stories, decided to create a fan fiction all about myself and Cad Bane. I don't think it ever had an official title but I nicknamed it "Cadanna" (Cad for Cad Bane and anna for my name, Savanna). Please note that this story is totally appropriate for all ages to read! I don't read fan fiction very often but I can imagine how far people will go with different romantic pairings. Eww. This story is just about me and Cad Bane having a fun galactic adventure with a little girl named Glory. The cool part is that Glory happens to be a person in "real life" too! Glory is Fallon's little sister and she's 10 years old. In the story, Fallon made her a 6 year old because it fits with the plot lines better. I love Glory to death and her personality is portrayed perfectly in Cadanna! When it comes to my character, all I can say is WOW. This is a true testament that Fallon knows me extremely well. She knows how I talk, move, and think...all of those things are spot-on throughout the story.

When I first read Cadanna, Fallon and I were actually together so she gave me the story in a printed out version. I read it aloud to her and Glory while giggling, shrieking, and just crying over how awesome everything was written! Half way into the story (as I was still freaking out), I jokingly said to Fallon that she should video tape this event because my reaction was priceless. She took that to heart and recorded a video! It's kind of embarrassing to show people because my voice is super high pitched and I was seriously spazzing out. Maybe someday I'll post the video here if anyone really cares to watch it.

Getting to the most important part...the link to the fan fic!! Click HERE to read Cadanna! When you finish, please review it on I'm sure Fallon would love to hear your thoughts on the story. Enjoy!

Also, before I sign off, I wanted to make a quick little announcement that Fangirls on Felucia will not be updated for a few days. I will be without internet access over the weekend and into early next week. Fallon will also be busy so we're just going to take a quick break from posting. See you sometime later next week! May the Force be with you, always.


  1. coolness. I really need to get on more (do you need an account to read and review stories?) sounds like an awsome story. and lol the video sounds awsome you should post it here sometime.

    Great post. God bless

  2. Awesome post. May the Force be with you.

  3. I actually read that story and left a review for your friend. I found it cute.


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