Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indiana Jones: Part 2

In my first Indiana Jones post, I talked about the Indy movies and stories that were near and dear to me. Now I wanted to discuss my thoughts on some of the Indy movies that aren't my favorite. While The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are still fantastic movies, I don't think that they are as great as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Temple of Doom.

Let's start with The Last Crusade. The plot of searching for the Holy Grail is awesome and you can never go wrong with legendary actors like Sean Connery to portray Indy's father. One of my favorite aspects of this film is the comedy. The hilarious dialogue between Indiana and Henry Jones is perfect...I love it when Indy's dad calls him "Junior". Along with the witty comebacks, there is some dry humor that makes me chuckle every time. When the Knight says "He chose poorly" ever so randomly at the end of the movie, I'm left with laughs! In my opinion, the action of TLC isn't as good as the fight scenes in ROTA or TOD. Since Willie and Marion were such perfect ladies for Indiana, I just can't stand Elsa. Her Austrian accent annoys me and she really doesn't do anything to support the good guys. It's also pretty cool that we got to see a young Indiana at the beginning of the movie and an explanation of how he got the scar on his chin. The Last Crusade displays the "classic" version of Indiana Jones that we saw in Raiders of the Lost Ark but, it didn't have enough flair to top The Temple of Doom for me.

Moving on to The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Four words- Complete and utter disgrace!!! I've only watched this movie a few times because it enrages me. First of all, Indiana Jones was a great trilogy before KOTCS and did not need a useless fourth movie. Secondly, no offense dude but, Harrison're way too old to be acting all epic and hot like the younger Indy. Thirdly, Marion was horrible. She didn't reflect the fussy/defiant chick in ROTA and her overall role was disappointing. I also hated the whole "crystal skull" object. Aliens?! Really Indy?! ALIENS?! The only good thing that came from this movie is Mutt Williams. I actually loved his character! Mutt is a tough rebel with a nice sense of charm. The stunts and visual effects are also incredible but, most movies these days don't fail to impress in those areas.

A few of you girls left comments on my first Indiana Jones post saying that you loved TLC and KOTCS. After reading my thoughts on these last two Indy films, I'd love for you to leave a comment and tell me why you like them!!


  1. Mutt Williams made up a little bit of that movie for me.....but now since you (savanna) have got me shipping Indy and Willie, I didn't like to see Marion back. XD
    Also, the ants in KOTCS and the aliens made me lose it. I only watched it partway through, the other parts I either left the room or closed my eyes. I do NOT like that movie. Also, they are all OLD.

    The Last Crusade isn't terrible, but not my favorite. Elsa is definitely my least favorite of the girls Indy strikes a fancy with, and the plot wasn't as dynamic as TOD or RotLA. Sean Connery makes it amazing though, as do the little things you mentioned.

    Great post!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. ;)

  2. I loved the Last Crusade because it was just more fun, IMO, than the other two movies. I like the part in the library, and enjoyed watching Indy figure out how to get to the grail in the end. Probably because of Indy's dad...their dynamic is so entertaining.
    Oh, and I liked Elsa for several reasons:
    1) Her hair was so pretty, and her outfits were too.
    2) She dies.
    3) Her hair was so pretty!
    4) She's a Nazi!
    5) She doesn't have a horribly annoying voice like Willie Scott (sorry Fallon!).
    6) Her hair is so. pretty. and. blond.

    I haven't seen KOTCS; my little brother saw it when it first came out and he hated it. ALIENS?!??!??!?!?!? Realllly??????

    Great post, Junior. (I mean, Savanna)

  3. I actually liked The Last Crusade a little better than Temple of Doom but all three of the trilogy were great and Sean Connery is my second favorite actor after Harrison Ford. But Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite. All three of the trilogy are in my Top 25 favorite movies though.

    Now The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: It is not really a terrible movie if it was not an Indiana Jones movie but Aliens! Why does it have to be Aliens!!! Why did they have to ruin a great franchise!!!! It was kind of decent until the end then it was ruined!!!! I came out of the theaters majorly disappointed. Also in the DVD extra features Spielberg said that he did not want to make a movie with aliens. Sorry about the rant but I am a crazy Indy fan. :) Really good post.



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