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About Fangirls on Felucia:
This blog was created by two fangirls, Savanna and Fallon. We both love the saga and want to share our passions with other fangirls. Fanguys are also welcome to read our blog but we're mainly targeting the chicks. We blog about news, fan fiction, fan art, TV series, the expanded universe, and much more related to Star Wars, The Avengers, Tron: Legacy, and Indiana Jones. Our mission is to connect with other fangirls around the world that share a love for these movies, comics, and books. Join us on this journey of fandom and enjoy reading our blog.

About Savanna/Cad Bane's chick:
Hi! I'm Savanna, also known as Cad Bane's chick. You may know me from my personal blog, Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my!! I'm a teenage girl with Christian values that loves everything about Star Wars. My mom first introduced me to Star Wars when I was very young. I've grown up on the saga and have always been a casual fan. Over the past couple of years, I've really started getting into the entire Star Wars universe. After watching The Clone Wars series, I've been madly obsessed with Cad Bane. Now I'm a dedicated fan with an enormous love for Star Wars. Indiana Jones has also held a big place in my heart since childhood. My brother and I have been watching the movies since we were little kids. Very much like my passion for Star Wars, my Indiana Jones obsession has grown tremendously within the past few years. While I'm not a huge fan of The Avengers, I do agree that Iron Man and Captain America are wonderful movies and I love their characters! Tron: Legacy became another new crazed fandom of mine after Fallon persuaded me to watch the movie last year. I've been a loyal fan ever since then!

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About Fallon/Jedi~Chick:
Salutations! I am Jedi~Chick, also known as Fallon Skywalker/Sunstar. You may recognize me from my many accounts on the internet, most notably my personal blog:  To Thine Own Self Be True. I'm a homeschooled, Christian, Conservative teenager who has a passion for three things: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, writing, and Star Wars. I was a Star Wars HATER up until about two years ago, which was when I "saw the light", A.K.A. the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Once I gazed into Luke Skywalker's dreamy blue eyes, I knew I was hooked. Since then, my fandom has grown by leaps and bounds. I discovered Her Universe, and 'met' several fangirls who loved Star Wars just as much as I did!! Now I'm a moderator on a very successful Star Wars girls forum, an author on Fanfiction.net, and an artist on DeviantART.com...spreading the word about the incredible Star Wars saga. I have currently been getting into the Expanded Universe books, and have been nursing an obsession with Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade-Skywalker for quite some time now. Other than Mara (my favorite character EVER), I really like the Rogue Squadron and the pilots from there. As for other fandoms, I am absolutely in LOVE with Marvel's The Avengers. My favorite Avenger is Captain America (Steve Rogers...the love of my life). I also really like Tony Stark/Iron Man!! I'm a TRON: Legacy fangirl as well, thanks to the ever lovely Tara, who made me watch it last year. It's an AMAZING movie and I can watch it over and over!! Indiana Jones occupies a lot of my other spare time that Star Wars, Avengers and Tron doesn't take up...and for good reason!! Harrison Ford is H.O.T. as Indy and the action and adventure is too much for my fangirl/movie-loving heart to take!!The Temple of Doom is my favorite Indy flick, thanks to Savanna.  

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Why do we like all of these things?
Star Wars, The Avengers, Tron: Legacy, and Indiana Jones have EVERYTHING! They've got action, romance, battles (both internal/mental and physical), cool ships, freaking awesome weapons, epic outfits, pretty girls, HOT GUYS, amazing heroes, epic villains, and super dedicated fans...*wink*

Thanks for checking out our blog, we hope you enjoyed it and come back soon. We also love connecting with fans on Facebook and Twitter. May the force be with you!