Friday, May 17, 2013

Thor 2 Trailer

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Hey readers! Tara (Ashley Tara) here! I have no idea what Savannah and Gracie plan to do with this blog since no one has posted on it in forever, but as a co-author, I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling and see what it does. (Maybe inspire my fellow authors to notice and post themselves someday) ;)

I took it upon myself as my duty as a fangirl and co-author of this blog, since one of its main themes is the Avengers, to share the new Thor: The Dark World trailer! It was released a few weeks ago and if you're an Avengers fan you've probably seen it several or dozens of times by now, but I thought I'd share anyways since it's so awesome! Also, I can't to see this sequel to Thor, considering it was my favorite movie at one point.

Awesome right?! Okay, I have some things to say that are just me personally, so this is my little corner to say my opinions. (unless you agree, that's good with me too)

 1. I adore Loki (if you know me, you know this) but I do NOT know what to think about his hair length! I loved it short in Thor, I'm used to the mullet in Avengers, but I don't know how I feel about the long way. xD What do you think of Loki's long hair?

 2. Again if you know me, you know I really don't like Jane Foster and Thor together. I have reasons, but mainly because I think Jane is a little forward in that relationship, like she's kinda forcing herself on Thor? I don't know, that's just how I feel, but maybe the second movie's interactions will improve my opinion. We shall see.

3. I can't wait to see everything else about this movie! I can't wait to see Christopher Eccleston in this movie since I'm a new Whovian and it'll be like seeing a very evil Doctor. Just that good feeling of seeing a familiar face, you know? ;) Dark Elves are scary too okay? Maybe worse than the Chitauri in Avengers. Also, I hope there's a cameo of one of the other Avengers or SHIELD agents in this movie, because Iron Man 3's was perfect! ;) Those are some of my thoughts!

Thor: The Dark World stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Christopher Eccleston and will be in theaters in the USA November 2013.

Loki's Girl,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekly Trivia

Tara here! It's time for the fashionably late weekly trivia. I apologize on behalf of all the fangirls for the delay. We've been very busy recently, but we're working to catch up again.

Last time's question was- What year was the first Captain America comic book released?

Ashley was the first person to answer correctly 1941! With every weekly trivia question, we present the trivia winner with a picture badge as a reward. Ashley, we made you a picture featuring Captain America. You can display it on your blog, website, or even use it as a desktop background!

New Trivia Question

In the movie Iron Man 2, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) is undercover posing as the personal assistant of Tony Stark, looking for his hero-like qualities for SHIELD's newest project, the Avengers Initiative.
What is the alias name she uses?

Got an answer? Comment what you think, and check back next week for the answer! The first to comment wins!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet the New FOF Author

Hey there! It’s my first post here as a co-author at Fangirls on Felucia. {don’t tell the Fangirls because they didn’t know I was writing this.} I agreed to join the Fangirls as an author of the blog a couple of months ago, but things came up that were keeping me from writing. Thus, here is my fashionably late mini-bio.

I’m JediKnightGirl, of A Dreamer's Galaxy, but you can call me Tara or JKG if you’d like. The author name Tara comes from the character I created when I was 8 or 9, and she, Tara Jaywar, has become a rebel pilot, Jedi Knight, wife, and mother in the stories me and my friends write. I love movies, and I’m a born and bred fangirl of many fandoms. I love Star Wars, the Avengers and their individual movies, Tron: Legacy, and a bit of Indiana Jones.

Star Wars was my first adventure of the geek/ fan galaxy. My mom grew up with the Original Trilogy, but it didn’t take when she tried to get me into it when I was 5 or 6. But, thanks to me seeing Revenge of the Sith in theaters, I became a fan and fell in love with Star Wars. I love the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi Order, X-Wings and Snowspeeders, Rebel Pilots and Jedi, Ewoks and Wookies, Blasters and Lightsabers, Rebel Soldiers and Scoundrels. etc.

I proudly have a crush on both a Jedi and rebel; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Wedge Antilles. My other favorite Star Wars characters are Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, {and Rexsoka is a ‘guilty non-canon pleasure’ of mine.} Luke Skywalker, Bo Katan, Mara Jade, Riyo Chuchi, Wicket the Ewok, Princess Leia etc. Warning; I love to hate Mace Windu {not Nick Fury}, Lux Bonteri {DIE!}, Darth Maul {maybe a little less after seeing Ray Parks at SWW} and Commander Cody. {he tried to kill Obi-Wan…maybe.} 

I like Indiana Jones too, though I like quite a few more movies before Indy. But, there's a special place for Dr. Jones in every fangirl's heart. I like the Last Crusade best, but maybe that's because of Sean Connery as Indy's daddy. I love the father and son relationship in the movie. "Don't call me Junior!"

The Avengers is a passion of mine. I owe everything to my mom. She took me to the theater last summer to see Captain America: The First Avenger. I hated the whole concept of the Avengers because at the time I was obsessed with Batman and The Dark Knight. Man, I was naïve. I had seen and liked Iron Man a couple years before at the drive-in, and saw and hated Iron Man 2. But I loved Captain America, and Thor started a whole new chapter for the Avengers for me.

Thor is my favorite movie, and he and Hawkeye aka Clint Barton are my favorite heroes. And though I love the Avengers as a whole, there’s one little thing you’ve got to know about me...I love Loki. *unsheathes lightsaber and blaster for attacks* Ok, there’s a whole post I shall write on my love for Loki, but I won’t shoot and/or dismember anyone either way; at ease.

 And finally, Tron: Legacy. I love Tron, solely Legacy. {and yes, I tried and watched the original movie, and hated it.} I pleaded on my knees last summer for my parents to rent TL for me, but my grandma finally did. I loved every minute of it; the action, the characters, the plot, the soundtrack, the whole Tron world. It’s one of my favorite movies. That summer I was in love with the movie and I have great memories of fangirling over it with my awesome close friend, Lareen. And I love Clu, he's my favorite character...and again, I can write a post on that.

I am looking forward to being an author here with my friends, the Fangirls. Thank you for reading!

Friday, May 4, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

While FOF is still on hold, I didn't want us to miss Star Wars day! Fallon, Savanna and I all hope our followers have a fun and enjoyable Star Wars day; I hope you have something a little extra special planned to celebrate! As for me, I've hung up a Star Wars poster in my family's front room and we're going to spend the evening being dressed up in costumes (I'm going to be Darth Vader). My sister and I will be watching The Empire Strikes Back with my dad as well. I'm also in the process of painting my nails a dark purple and glitter to create a star field effect. :D I'd love to hear if you're doing something special!

May the 4th be with you all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still on Hold

Hey fangirls and fanguys! We are very sorry to keep you waiting on Weekly Trivia and other posts from us but, Fallon and I are both extremely busy at this time. Until our schedules free up a little bit and we can work together to write some great posts for you to read, Fangirls on Felucia will be on hold. School, work, and other responsibilities on the internet are crowding our currently crowding our time and we aren't able to fully focus on this blog. We will start posting regularly when things calm down. Until then, we thank you for being so patient! May the Force be with you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Hero Is Steve Rogers

It's about time I did another post, so I thought I'd do one while Fallon and Savanna take a break and get their own posts ready. :) Anyway, I'm here to talk about my favorite Avenger (and all-time hero), Captain America. His real name, though, is Steve Rogers.

Steve Rogers was born sickly and small and he stayed that way as he grew up. His parents both died during WWI and he's stuck with his best buddy Bucky since, wanting to make a difference. WWII has come and because of his sickness, Steve is rejected from the army, but he kept trying. He had the heart and courage that the army needed, that the country needed, but frail body was no match for common bullies in the street.

But he never gave up. 

He was later chosen to become the first super soldier for America's troops by Dr Erskine, who was working with Col Phillips in making a super army to battle the Germans. Unlike everyone else, Erskine saw past the skinny frame and saw a huge, self-sacrificing, courageous heart. All that Steve needed was a body to match that spirit. "Maybe all we need now is a little guy," the doctor had said. The serum that would make his body bigger also effected other things inside him. "Good becomes great. Evil becomes worse." Steve had been chosen for the good in him. And the good in him became bigger right along with his body.  Even as he went on to be an amazing hero, Steve remained a good man. His humbleness remained in tact and his self-sacrifice saved millions of lives on and off the battlefield. There was no better choice for America's star spangled hero.
This is why Steve Rogers is my one of my biggest heroes. He had the qualities of being a hero before he was given the serum and before he made into the army. He fought the fight there in daily life. And than afterwards, he remained humble throughout all the fame and glory. When his biggest enemy asked him, "So, what made you so special?" His response was a simple, "Nothin'. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." *slow clap* What more do you need in a hero?!?! Can I hear an 'amen' from Fallon? *wink*

I highly recommend watching Captain America: The First Avenger. If you haven't seen it, than stop what you are doing and go watch it as soon as possible! Fallon and I couldn't recommend it more!

"Whatever happens, stay who you are. Not just a soldier but a good man."

Friday, March 23, 2012


Today I have to share with you one of the most wonderful things that exists on the earth right now. As you all should know, I have a huge obsession with Cad Bane and love him to death. Fallon, who like to write Star Wars stories, decided to create a fan fiction all about myself and Cad Bane. I don't think it ever had an official title but I nicknamed it "Cadanna" (Cad for Cad Bane and anna for my name, Savanna). Please note that this story is totally appropriate for all ages to read! I don't read fan fiction very often but I can imagine how far people will go with different romantic pairings. Eww. This story is just about me and Cad Bane having a fun galactic adventure with a little girl named Glory. The cool part is that Glory happens to be a person in "real life" too! Glory is Fallon's little sister and she's 10 years old. In the story, Fallon made her a 6 year old because it fits with the plot lines better. I love Glory to death and her personality is portrayed perfectly in Cadanna! When it comes to my character, all I can say is WOW. This is a true testament that Fallon knows me extremely well. She knows how I talk, move, and think...all of those things are spot-on throughout the story.

When I first read Cadanna, Fallon and I were actually together so she gave me the story in a printed out version. I read it aloud to her and Glory while giggling, shrieking, and just crying over how awesome everything was written! Half way into the story (as I was still freaking out), I jokingly said to Fallon that she should video tape this event because my reaction was priceless. She took that to heart and recorded a video! It's kind of embarrassing to show people because my voice is super high pitched and I was seriously spazzing out. Maybe someday I'll post the video here if anyone really cares to watch it.

Getting to the most important part...the link to the fan fic!! Click HERE to read Cadanna! When you finish, please review it on I'm sure Fallon would love to hear your thoughts on the story. Enjoy!

Also, before I sign off, I wanted to make a quick little announcement that Fangirls on Felucia will not be updated for a few days. I will be without internet access over the weekend and into early next week. Fallon will also be busy so we're just going to take a quick break from posting. See you sometime later next week! May the Force be with you, always.