Friday, March 16, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Revenge

*This post will contain spoilers for Revenge!!!* 

What a season it's been, huh?  I went into this episode with pretty low expectations, only because I wasn't too interested in the entire Maul-Come-Back plot line, especially after last week's episode.
I was pretty impressed actually, with this one!!!  I enjoyed the majority of it, and got quite fangirly during it!!!

First things first, I did NOT like the Witchcraft/Dathomir witch/Mother Talzin thing.  She seems REALLY overdone.  I saw her for three episodes in Season Three...I don't want to see her ever again after her many appearances in Season Four.
I also got super annoyed with "Spider-Maul" as he's been come to be called in my house.  He was all insane and wacky, and I felt like Savage was nothing but a wayward babysitter for him!!
Maul's transformation was kinda on the creepy side, and my sister's reaction was simple...
"Woah, she gave him a necklace and muscles!"  <-- Accurate.

I felt kinda bad for Darth Maul when he was falling all over the place on his new legs, and I REALLY liked his voice.  Sam Witwer did a GREAT job.

Now for the stuff I LOVED.
Obi-Wan!!!!  He was fantastic!!!!  I liked the minor emotion we got out of him, it felt like it was really evident that he'd matured and everything, plus, he was was a good jedi!!!  I have a thing against Mace Windu for some reason....he's always come off as such a jerk to me.  I even wrote in my notes "Shut it Mace!!  Woo Yoda!!"  Yoda was cool for the second and a half we saw him....and he put his faith in Obi-Wan that help would arise.

Ohhhh boy.  Asajj Ventress.  As soon as that chick came onscreen, I was squealing and jumping up and down.  Ventress was FANTASTIC.  She has the coolest outfit in the galaxy (I LOOOVE her new outfit!!!!), and she's so tough and kick-butt!!!  I thought she was great in this episode.  Her dynamic with Obi-Wan was perfect.  As weird as it sounds, I'm going to have issues NOT shipping them together from now on.......they made a great team.  It showed that they had a history, and that there was tension.  I loved their little quips back and forth, I'll have to go back and listen to those again.

The fight scenes were EPIC.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, flinching each time Obi-Wan was thrown across the room and punched and injured, and the same for Ventress.  It wasn't easy to watch...but so well done!!!!!

Darth Maul was a fierce opponent.  He was strong and relentless.  It was incredible. When he gloated in Obi-Wan's face about killing Qui-Gon, I felt SO BAD for Obi-Wan.  I wanted to punch Maul (like I'd ever win, I'd be dead in two seconds).

I'm glad that both Obi-Wan and Ventress made it away alive.  And I'm glad that they left the plot so open for more!!!!  TOTAL cliff hanger!!!!  I give this episode a 9/10.  Amazing end to a great season.

May the Force be with you my friends!


  1. haha i gave it the same rating at first i was kinda hoping maul would end here but I am excited to see what happens with it I agree obiwan and ventress were incredible and i didn't care for mother talzin either. Great review Mtfbwy

  2. Replies
    1. I really loved this episode. :) Ventress has really gained my repect the last four episodes. I also loved the cliffhanger ending.



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