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Websites and Forums:

The Lakehouse Forums:  A safe, fun environment for Christian Star Wars girls. Fallon is a moderator, and Savanna is a member.  Girls, c'mon over! All are welcome, as long as you are kind and friendly.

The Star Wars Underworld:  A great fan community for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Star Wars Fanfiction Archive:  For fanfiction enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes....the archives will fulfill your every need!! Fallon has her own Fanfiction account HERE.

Her Universe:  Geek girls unite!!  Flaunt Your World with Ashley Eckstein's clothing line for geek girls of Star Wars and Sy-Fy.

ThinkGeek: Stuff for Smart Masses! All geeks should totally check out this site.

Star Wars Website:  Official site for all things Star Wars.

Indiana Jones Website:  Official site for all things Indiana Jones.

Marvel Website:  Official site for all things Marvel Comics, including Spider-man, The Avengers, and Comics.

Marvel Comics Wiki:  Wiki site for all things Marvel Comics.  Very helpful for beginners in the series' and movies!

Wookieepedia:  Wiki site for all things Star Wars.  Not 100% accurate, but a good explanation and helpful when looking for good reads and/or character info!

Fallon's Blog
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