Friday, May 4, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

While FOF is still on hold, I didn't want us to miss Star Wars day! Fallon, Savanna and I all hope our followers have a fun and enjoyable Star Wars day; I hope you have something a little extra special planned to celebrate! As for me, I've hung up a Star Wars poster in my family's front room and we're going to spend the evening being dressed up in costumes (I'm going to be Darth Vader). My sister and I will be watching The Empire Strikes Back with my dad as well. I'm also in the process of painting my nails a dark purple and glitter to create a star field effect. :D I'd love to hear if you're doing something special!

May the 4th be with you all!


  1. Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you all! :D

  2. My girlfriend got me an original poster for Star Wars. Definite way to show she loves me! :)

  3. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! I would say what I did, but you already told everyone. XDD


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