Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TRON: Legacy

Since the revamp of Fangirls on Felucia, we've introduced two of our favorite movie franchises outside of Star Wars. Now it's time to talk about a third topic, TRON: Legacy! We both have similar tastes and reasons for why we love this movie but we're going to explain them in this post.

Tron: Legacy is an incredible sci-fi movie by Walt Disney Pictures, featuring a continuing story of the 1980's movie, TRON.  The movie follows the story of Sam Flynn as he deals with finding his lost father in the video game world that was just a bedtime story to him for years. Sam teams up with Quorra, a strong female character, and his assumed missing dad, to save the Grid from the disasterous clone of his father, the evil CLU, Rinzler, and their army.  Watch TRON: Legacy to see their story unfold, in a dramatic, electronic, epic way!!

Savanna- Fallon and my other friends from The Lakehouse Forums were the ones who actually prompted me to watch this movie. I usually don't stay up to date with current movies...my heart goes with the old classics. However, I decided to check this one out because it looked really cool and everyone was raving about it! It only took me a few minutes until I fell in love with the characters, story, and music that made up TRON: Legacy. At first the plot had me a little confused but, my brother cleared up all my questions quickly because he had seen the original TRON from the 1980's and knew what was going on. Other than that, TRON: Legacy really left me speechless!! Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn (AKA the king of hotness), and Quorra are such awesome characters!! I love Quorra's inner strength and curiosity about the outside world. Kevin's mental battle with feeling defeat from Clu was really interesting and Sam was just....just....*faints*. Have you seen pictures of this guy?! Seriously girls, he's pretty freaking amazing if you catch my drift. The soundtrack was the definition of epic too!! Daft Punk did an incredible job matching tones and moods of The Grid through music. Oh, and did I mention flipping amazing action?! All of the light cycle and disk matches were full of awesomeness! All around, a fantastic movie!

Fallon- After hearing nonstop about the amazing-ness of Tron from my dear friends Lareen and Tara....I decided to give it a try. I saw the movie for the first time when staying overnight at a friend's house, and I was hooked within two minutes of seeing Sam Flynn's incredibly hot face. I have loved it ever since, and watched the movie one more time online before it was Christmas time....which is when my Tron fandom REALLY took off. I recieved a lot of Tron action figures and the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD.  I watched it Christmas Day night, and several times since then.  The movie is amazing, the technology in it is incredible, the story line is fun, it has a really good family feel to it. I love Quorra, she's probably my favorite character, and I like her interaction with Sam Flynn. I'd love to see their relationship more. Clu already held a special place in my heart, because one of my best friends on the Grid LOVES Clu. I also like Tron/Rinzler, who's backstory is really interesting!  Kevin and Sam's relationship makes me tear up at the end every time....just because it's such a good father/son dynamic!! Besides the action, plot and characters, the MUSIC is just flawless in this movie!!!! It is AMAZING. Daft Punk is AMAZING. I think that's all for now....now enjoy this beautiful Sam/Quorra picture I love.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our thoughts on TRON: Legacy! We'll be discussing TRON: Legacy and it's characters more in future posts. Have you seen this movie? If so, what do you love about it?


  1. Hi, I really like TRON:Legacy as well, I am there because I've seen the original TRON which is the inspiration of the French cartoon, CODE LYOKO. I find much similarities between them, have you seen LYOKO?

  2. Great post. Looks like another movie i may have to check out. :D

  3. I really liked Tron. It is one of my favorite movies. :) I am more of a Matrix freak but Tron is still really cool.



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