Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fanfiction Review: Comedy Stories

Who here likes to laugh? I know I do, and as the self-proclaimed queen of sarcasm....(okay, maybe not queen, but still....I'm quite sarcastic when I want to be..) I know hilarity when I see it. These are a few of my favorite funny fanfics. Most are written by friends or people whom I admire, so read on!

My amazing and very random friend, Bluesaber3 wrote the most hilarious trilogy of stories that I (and Savanna) have EVER read. It has everything from Ahsoka getting hyper on coffee, Anakin having a bizaare obsession with unicorns to Obi-Wan eating too much candy!! Then there's the great crayon vs. corndog war, and Mace Windu trying to woo Aayla Secura. "Check for your pulse" has become an everyday term in my house, and so have many other quotes from Bluey's amazing fanfics.
NotSoNormalWeekOne  NotSoNormalWeekTwo  NotSoNormalWeekThree

Han Solo gets his own holo-documentary in this hilarious and very fun fanfic by my friend GreatOneHow Han Solo Became A Hero is by far one of the funniest and best fanfics I have ever read. I never tire of it.

Also by GreatOne....Exchanging Places is another favorite of mine.  In this very insane story, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker somehow switch bodies, which leads to disaster and hilarity for our favorite characters!!  Find out what happens! (seriously people, this is one of my favorites, I am gonna re-read it too.)

One of my favorite authors in the fanfiction universe is JediMara77. She has written an INCREDIBLE collaboration story with LaneWinree about X-Wing Rogue Squadron on an insane mission to a lovely planet called "Plooma". With Luke and Mara romance and plenty of hilarity, this story is one of my favorites. Be warned though, younger kids shouldn't read it, as there is quite a bit of awkward sexual tension (that's part of what makes it so hilarious though! XD). I'd say 14 and up are good to read though. By far one of my all time favorite stories EVER.

I hope you enjoy, and laugh! Let me know how you like these stories, and if you'd like to see any specific reviews.


  1. Thank you Fallon!!! :DDDD Writing the NSNW trilogy was a ton of fun for me and I'm always so happy when people enjoy it! :D

    I'll need to read these fanfics when i get the chance :D


  2. if i posted my works, would ya read them. i don't want to post my books if no one cares for them. fyi. :)


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