Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prequel Trilogy Costumes

As the 'sister post' to Savanna's amazing Original Trilogy Costume post, I tackled the challenge of the Prequel Costumes! Now, the Original Trilogy had more simplistic outfits, while the Prequels were way more elaborate. Here are a few of my favorites.

Padme Amidala-  Padme probably has the most outfits of ALL the Star Wars characters in the whole saga!! I love her dresses, especially the "Lakehouse Dress" as we call it. It's got beautiful colors and looks just so serene and gorgeous. I also like her wedding dress, and her battle dress from The Phantom Menace (it was also featured in The Clone Wars this season). Padme has beautiful night dresses too, her pearl decorated night-gowns in Revenge of the Sith are to die for.

Anakin Skywalker- I personally love Anakin's outfits. He has very symbolic clothes actually, and it's been said in canon stories that the Jedi were worried about Anakin after the events in Attack of the Clones because he changed his clothing choices! He has always been known to wear darker clothes, and I think he pulls them off nicely....(it also helps that he's quite a hottie!) My favorite Anakin outfit is definitely his Revenge of the Sith outfit.

Obi-Wan Kenobi- Who doesn't like Obi-Wan? He's pretty cool, and his outfits are awesome! I've seen the most costumes made for Obi-Wan's Jedi outfit. He definitely goes with a much lighter color scheme than Anakin (symbolic perhaps?!) and I think it probably is for a reason. Obi-Wan's favorite look (of mine) is also his Revenge of the Sith look. I love that Obi-Wan's style changes throughout the three Prequel movies. He goes from a young Jedi Padawan (well, not THAT young, but still...) to a Jedi Master, and then to a Jedi Warrior (The Clone Wars) and back to Jedi Master again, with still a more warrior-type feel to his outfit. I also like his belt (just saying..).

Qui-Gon Jinn- I don't think this guy gets enough love!! Even though he's only got a smaller role in the entire trilogy (so some say...I tend to disagree) and he's not the most loved Jedi in the galaxy (again, I tend to disagree, why hate Qui-Gon?!) Qui-Gon actually has a pretty cool outfit. He has a pretty laid back style, but he still has an presence that demands respect. If you read the Jedi Apprentice novels, (by Jude Watson), you'd learn more about Qui-Gon's back-story and such. He is quite amazing. His outfit in The Phantom Menace reflects his personality, I think.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!  What are your favorite costumes of the prequel Star Wars movies?


  1. I really like Qui-Gon's outfit, and I think he was one of the few really well portrayed characters in Ep. I.
    and Padme's outfits are all pretty awesome, even I don't like the character at all.
    Great post, Fallon! <3

  2. Lovely post! :) I love your costume choices, a lot of them are favorites of mine :).
    My favorite are probably all the Jedi robes, especially Obi-Wan's, Anakin's, Qui-Gon's, and Siri's. I agree, I believe that the hue of Obi-Wan's and Anakin's robes have significance. I have a Jedi tunic and cloak made quite a lot like Obi-Wan's and I love it :).
    And I agree, I don't get why people don't like Qui-Gon- I think's he's awesome :).

  3. love padme's costumes to bits. i have her handmaiden gown. :)

    1. You HAVE her gown, Aalya?!?!? Lucky.

  4. Padme's are ALL pretty! However, I also like the Leather in Anakin's outfit! I'm a leather gal all way! I own like 2 leather jackets.

  5. Padme has a bordering-on-ridiculous amount of costumes. XD They're all really lovely, though. My favorites are the pearl strap nightgown, Lakehouse dress, picnic dress, and burial dress. And the Tatooine cloak that they didn't use.


  6. yeah. i have her gown. i actually won it to be exact. its custom made. if ur interested here's the link where i got it from:

    i hope to post some better pics once the snow here is melted. don't like the cold. brr...... :)

  7. Aw yes, sexy Jedi outfits! And I love your choice for Padme, it's also one of my favorites (although I think the yellow picnic gown is my absolute favorite). Great post!

    (And Fal, you are a stronger girl than I because if I had written this post it would have just been "LOOK AT PADME'S WARDROBE ISN'T IT THE BEST oh and I guess the Jedi look cool too BUT SRSLY GUYS, PADME!!!" I lover her wardrobe SO SO MUCH.)


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