Friday, January 20, 2012

Deception Preview

A brand new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be airing tonight! "Deception" will be the first episode to the upcoming bounty hunter arc featuring Embo, Bossk, Boba Fett, and (the beloved) Cad Bane. Out of all of Season 4, I expect/hope this arc will be the best. The Umbara episodes a couple months ago were absolutely perfect but, being a giant bounty hunter fan, I think that these will be great too.

From the episode preview that we've seen, an important character "dies", resulting with Satine in a heap of tears and Anakin angry. I write "dies" with quotations because it didn't show the person physically dead. They were just covered with a sheet. (Warning: Possible spoilers ahead) Personally, I think the the "dead" person could be Obi-Wan. I mean, who else would Satine get worked up over?! (End of possible spoilers) Either way, this episode should be interesting! I also hear we'll be seeing more of Commander Fox and the Shockies (wooooot).

What are you looking forward to in "Deception"? Don't forget that Fallon will be posting her review soon after the episode airs.

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