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Clone Wars Review: Deception

**Warning:  This post WILL contain Spoilers for Deception!!!!!  If you do not want to read spoilers before watching the show, do not continue to read this post, check back later when you have watched the episode!!!  Savanna and I will not be held responsible for any upset caused by spoilers!** (sorry for the wordy spoiler warning, spoilers have seem to become a big problem in the internet community as of late...and Savanna and I want no part in it!)

I am going to start this review by saying that I really liked this episode.  This review will be much more positive than my last review for A Friend In Need.....Anyway, I was excited to see the episode, especially after the particularly heartbreaking preview on

Obi-Wan is always a fan favorite...and his apparent "death" was hard to watch, and even contemplate.  It boggled the mind in ways I didn't especially want to think about...and on the internet there were crazy therories about Obi's "death".  The main one was that "Rako Hardeen" WAS Obi-Wan....undercover!  In other words, Obi faked his death!

Many fans, including myself, were correct in this assumption. (actually, that's a lie....I was just waiting for the episode and not really trying to guess what was going to happen...but I figured as much).

I was afraid at first that TCW people would once again push the lines of continuity....but I was pleasantly surprised with Deception, I thought it was well done, the story was fun and interesting, and it felt like a good, old timey Clone Wars episode.
All warfare is based on deception
Can I be weird and think on this week's "fortune cookie" for a minute?  Okay, so, if all warfare is based on deception, (and I think that's true...the battle strategy depends on deceiving your enemy) then that definitely explains two things.  The name of the episode (haha, get it...Deception?) and what the Jedi Council was thinking when coming up with this lovely little heartbreaking plan.

We saw Mace Windu, Master Yoda, Anakin and Ahsoka for brief times in this episode, but it is mainly about Obi-Wan!!!!!  I personally like Obi-Wan....but I don't LOVE him like some of my friends do.  I'm just a "Hey it's that cool guy, he's in every movie and does epic things!" sorta fangirl.  But this episode had me like Obi-Wan a lot more.  In the very beginning, when they are still giving the "opening crawl" so to speak, they show a clip of Obi-Wan at the council meeting.  His face looks upset, or conflicted, but also very determined.  I teared up at that point, because I knew what was going to happen.

Now getting really fangirly/crazy.......I WAS SO SAD.  Seriously....Ahsoka CRIED.  AHSOKA.  SHE CRIED.  Her tears, and Anakin's really, really, saddened "OBI-WAN!?!?" made me fall on the floor.
....No, seriously, I slipped off the couch in depression as a commercial hit, and landed in a crying heap on the floor.  (it was tile and it hurt...)
(one thing you all should know about me is that I am extremely attached to and obsessed with my fictional characters, and I often will get overly emotional...)

The "funeral" scene was very well done.  My sister and I were both bawling.  Satine's crying BROKE. MY. HEART.  Ahsoka's face and what she said to Plo didn't aid in my emotional distress, and Anakin's tortured face was enough to make me fall on the floor-....oh wait.....I did that.....huh...

Anyway, the beginning was incredible. The little battle on the (landing pad, I believe) was great, and I was a bit disturbed during Obi-Wan's "transformation".  My sister was bawling when they shaved Obi-Wan's face and head....she said they killed him in a whole other way.  In her ten year old pain and sorrow, she screamed "NOT THE HOT!!!! NOT THE HOT!!!" to express her deepest upset.

The episode was fast paced and exciting....and honestly, I didn't want to see it end.  I am still all full of excitement!  We saw Boba Fett, Bossk, and Bane all in one room!!!!!!  Cad Bane made his reappearance after disappearing in Season Three, put in prison.  He is so epic.  I've come to respect and like Bane a lot more since meeting Savanna, and I was freaking out for her, while watching the scenes with him in it.

Now I am highly anticipating next week's episode!!!!!!  Obi-Wan (disguised as Rako Hardeen) is placed in jail after a very, very violent and angry Anakin hands him over to the authorities.  I noticed that Ahsoka did not even try and hold Anakin back like she did with the Slaver in the previous arc.  It must have been hard for Obi-Wan to see Anakin so "dark".

Obi-Wan is put in a lovely prison with tons of other criminals, like a awesome looking Karkadon!!!!!!!  Savanna is a huge Karkadon fan, or as I call them the "SHARKY GUYS!".  I liked that Obi-Wan got to fist fight a bit, and he got to "play the bad guy" as he put it.  It's a side of Obi-Wan that we've never had to see before (the acting side!) and I really am liking it!!! I  hope he doesn't blow his cover though....

The scene in the prison mess hall was really cool.  The Sharky Guy was there, with a Greedo Look Alike, and some other cool guys.  We also had Bossk, Boba Fett (he looks all different-like!!  Way to go Boba....aren't you a bit young for prison though?! Not too intimidating when you still legally belong in Juvie....), and then Cad Bane!!!!  Morallo Eval is just AMAZING.  I mean, his presence just DEMANDS respect and attention, like he's the head bad-boy on the block.

Original Trilogy Fangirl Freak Out Moment:  Obi-Wan's code name is BEN.  As in "Ben Kenobi"!!!!!!  AHHHH *freak out moment*  AHHHH!!!

Okay, back to seriousness.  Another small detail I liked was when Obi hesitated in killing a clone during their escape.  I knew he wouldn't be able to do it...and it almost makes me wonder what would happen should that blow his cover....Cad Bane seemed to catch onto his hesitation, and punching poor Obi for it!!!! (while I wince for Obi-Wan, Savanna cheers for Bane...heh).  The ending is quite the cliffhanger, and I cannot WAIT to see how the rest of the arc plays out!!!

Overall, I'd rate this arc a 10/10.  It was too amazing for me to rate it other wise.  I think it's some of TCW's finest, and it deserves a high rating!!!!!

What did you all think?  Was this episode good?  Too good?  Not good enough?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments, Facebook or Twitter!!!!  We also love emails, if you'd like to talk personally with either me or Savanna.  Contact us that way at


  1. NOT THE BEARD! What is WRONG with the council!? They are messed up. They got rid of THE BEARD!
    Ahsoka broke my heart. I've NEVER seen her crying like that and I was a little bit disturbed that she didn't hold Anakin back. I mean, it isn't in her nature to do those things herself, but I saw the satisfaction on her face. That makes me think: Losing Obi-Wan would be the equivalent of loosing your favorite uncle for her, right? I would have liked it if she had more screen time, but I was glad to see the Big Trio back and better than ever :D
    I can't wait for Ahsoka to have a rematch with Cad Bane. They can't let her loose again, so she'll probably kill him. I hope she does, I can't STAND Bad Name. I mean Cad Bane... ;P-

    Annika from

  2. I also really loved this episode! It was awesome! Getting to see Obi-Wan go undercover was great and I liked a lot of his lines. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEKS EPISODE!
    My review of "Deception"

  3. I.... I LOVE this review!!! It made me laugh enough to fall on the floor... oh wait... I did that.. huh LOL
    I agreed with most of it is not all. Lookin' forward to ur next post!!! and the next episode!!! <--- my review :) I also posted my latest fan fic chapter and so on... :D


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