Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hot Guys

It's no secret that we like attractive men in Star Wars. Seriously, we're's our job, right?! Fanguys, if you're reading this...stop now! We will be majorly spazzing out and don't want to wreck the sanity of your mind. Don't think that reading this post will help you understand girls more, because it won't. You'll just be mentally disturbed forever. Okay, with that said, (fangirls) read on to see us squeal and freak out over the amazing men of Star Wars!!

Savanna's Favorite Guys

Anakin Skywalker- Whew! Alright, the main character of Star Wars. Little Ani in Episode I was cute but DANG, they laid it on thick in Episode II when he grew up and got all hot. Then Episode III came along...*dies*...I usually don't like dudes with long hair but, it totally worked on Anakin. On top of all these things, you get those really good scenes of him having nightmares *wink*. And honestly, most of the time I hate Anakin because he's annoying and slightly whiny but his good looks allow me to still watch him. Clone Wars style Anakin is even cute! 

Han Solo- *sigh* This man is beyond amazing. My heart pretty much beats out of my chest every time he has a scene in Star Wars. That crooked smile and smooth talking is just too much to handle. I greatly envy Leia...she got the hot guy. I also love his outfit...slightly unbuttoned shirt + blaster holster = a freaking out fangirl. Han is just that all around "manly man". He's not a scrawny fella and seems like he can fix anything! Sadly, I might just be in love with Harrison Ford (yikes, he's old now) because I also like Indiana Jones. Well, if loving Han is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Commander Wolffe- I hear people all the time saying that liking particular clones is dumb because they're "all the same". Hello people...have you seen their armor and faces without helmets?! They all have unique personalities, haircuts, and armor. Duh!! Wolffe is my favorite clone because of his facial features and wolf designed armor. He's so freaking hunky...I mean really, how could you not like this guy?! Some may say that the cybernetic eye is creepy but, I love it. If/when I get married, I want my future husband to wear Wolffe gear as I walk down the aisle (with his best men as the Wolfpack, of course!). Ahhh, the dreams of a crazed fangirl. I also have huge crushes on other clone troopers like Warthog, Cody, Fox, Fives...the list could go on forever. 

Fallon's Favorite Guys

Luke Skywalker- I absolutely LOVE Luke Skywalker.  Most of my friends, however, do not. *coughSavannacough* Even my own mother hates him!!!! *grr mom...* I can see past the occasional whiny-ness (heck, we're all whiny sometimes! Admit it!  Luke's only a fictional character! He has feelings!) and see the hero that Luke truly is. First day on the job with the Rebellion, he saved the princess, learned about the Force, and blew up the First Death Star. I'd say that he did a pretty good job.  Luke has the coolest family and friends in the galaxy.  Han Solo, Princess Leia (they're cool is that?!), Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn, and many more. He has DARTH VADER as his father!!!! He resurrects the Jedi Order! He marries Mara Jade!! (have I convinced you that Luke isn't all that bad yet?) I think he's so cute too...I love his eyes. (Skywalker eyes...*happy sigh*) Luke is so sweet and a "Farmboy" which I love about him.  He wants to see the good in people. If/When I get married, I want my husband to be like Luke Skywalker (only minus the Tosche station thing...gosh people, let it go!) Luke is a true hero...and I love him.

Corran Horn- Who's Corran Horn, you may ask? Well, for those of you who aren't into the EU, you probably don't know. Corran is a Jedi X-Wing Pilot (in Rogue Squadron!)...a Corsec Agent...a Corellian, and he has the coolest wife ever, next to Luke's wife (Mara). I first "met" Corran, so to speak, while reading fanfiction, actually!! I'd read a couple of really hysterical fanfics by JediMara77 and LaneWinree that included Corran, and I decided to learn more about this epic guy. I started to look into the X-Wing books, and read the first one, X-Wing Rogue Squadron (see yesterday's post!). I automatically fell in love with Corran...and with Mirax, his wife-to-be (they hate each other/dislike each other in the book at first...but I know their fate!). Then I read I, Jedi, which only added to this obsession. That book is amazing. I'm rereading it just for the sake of rereading it. It's great, and Mirax and Corran are definitely on my top ten list of favorite characters. I described Corran to my friend Maryanna like this:
Her: Who's Corran Horn?
Me:  He's a Jedi AND a freaking X-Wing Pilot!!!!!!!   HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!
It's true.

I couldn't decide for Number Three, so I have a tie.

Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Tycho Celchu- Two more X-Wing Pilots...Hobbie and Tycho are forever two of my favorite men out there. First I'll rant about Hobbie, since he's my boyfriend in the Star Wars universe. (literally!!!.....okay, I'll explain.) My amazing friend, Lareen, from The Lakehouse Forums, and my other equally amazing friend Tara (also from The Lakehouse Forums), and I have our own original characters in the Star Wars universe.  Together we go on all kinds of adventures (a type of role play, I suppose) as X-Wing Pilots! My boyfriend is Hobbie Klivian, while Lareen has Wes Janson, and Tara has Wedge Antilles. It's great fun, and I've fallen madly in love with Hobbie because of it. And he's really sarcastic, which as a big turn on for me. Haha!

Now Tycho...I like him from the books and comics.  Tycho is a leader, and he's very brave and handsome. He just really, really, really liked Tycho in the Rogue Squadron book that I read, and in the comics I've read.  He is one amazing guy. Plus, he marries Winter, who is the best super-spy out there.  I can't wait to read more about him...he's already captured my heart!!

Fallon's Honorable Mention:  I also have a thing for clone troopers, like Savanna...and my choice for favorite clone would be between Rex and Fives. I also love Hevy, but we know his fate...*sniff*

We hope you aren't too mentally disturbed and enjoyed this post! Fangirls, who are your favorite hot guys of Star Wars? By the way, it's completely normal to be in love with a fictional character.



    There, I let it out!!!

    Anyway, you really made me laugh with your touche station sentence, Fallon!!! I agree completely--let it go, people! My gosh! Please count me in as one of the few, rare Luke Skywalker admirers. :D And my sister, too, of course! She has a REAL big thing for Luke! Lol!

    And, of course, HAN SOLO!!!! Gah! Ahhh! Eeek! . . . and all other unhuman sounds. Han is so amazing. I cannot even continue thinking properly to write intelligently . . .



  2. Hmmm...I really don't know who my favorite is. I love Han and Luke, (but not in ANH because he's whiny!)....I think little Ani is so cute but so annoying I can't stand him. I hate Anakin after that. But he looks really cool in TCW. (I don't watch them though)
    I like Luke because he's heroic, and Han because he's funny.

  3. i love ani only as his pure self. hayden did an awesome job playing him. :)

  4. This is such an AWESOME post! I love Luke, Han, and of course Anakin. Honestly when Savanna was talking about Anakin and Han, I completely understand the fangirl reactions. I also can understand Fallon's fangirl reaction to Luke. I love all three these characters and I have the same reactions to them as you girls! Great post! :D

  5. *gasp* you didn't mention Obi-Wan? ;) LOL just kidding :). Great post!

    Well, as you probably guessed, I LOVE Obi-Wan Kenobi! He's so awesomely amazing, epic, and dreamy! I mean, he's very, very, VERY handsome and I just LOVE his personality! Plus he has killer fighting skills :). He's epic in the movies, the books, and the t.v show! I've been in love with him for about 3-4 years, ever since I re-read Secrets of the Jedi for the third or fourth time. :) AHHHHH :D

    I also find Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Ferus Olin, Anakin Solo, and Ben Skywalker very nice looking and awesome characters. :D

    Awesome post! ANIII! And Han!! HAN HAN HAN HAN! I love those guys.
    My other Star Wars crushes are (not counting the minor ones);
    Obi, Starkiller, Fives... yep! =D

  7. Anakin... :)

    I was kind of shocked when I saw the clone's first look.


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