Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Phantom Menace 3D Release

You've probably heard by now that The Phantom Menace is being re-released in 3D this year (February 10th, to be exact). We are both really looking forward to seeing a Star Wars movie in the theater again but, we also have some concerns. Read about our opinions on this topic below.

Savanna- Wow! Star Wars is coming back to the movie theater?! SWEET! I was 10 when I last saw one of these movies in the cinema. I vividly remember seeing Revenge of the Sith for the first time and thinking it was just the best movie ever. Even though I know what happens in The Phantom Menace, I will be fun to watch. TPM is probably one of my least favorite movies out of the entire saga. Nothing about it is horrible, it's just that the other movies are better. I've never had a huge liking towards 3D movies so it should be interesting to watch the famous podrace in 3D. As a Jar Jar hater, I hope and pray that they do not make his tongue super 3Dish. I'm also really looking forward to decking myself out in Star Wars gear to go see this movie. The one thing that really irritates me about this re-release is the overuse of marketing. Yes, it is cool to see a bunch of food products and toys covered with TPM stuff but, it's getting a little out of hand. I feel like 2012 is turning out to be the year of Darth Maul. He's coming back in The Clone Wars and all of the new toy packaging has Maul on it. just kinda annoys me. I also think that reading the Darth Plagueis novel will give me a whole new perspective on this movie concerning Palpatine, Darth Maul, and even the Jedi! 

Fallon- I CANNOT WAIT!! I am a fairly newborn Star Wars fan, so I have not seen any of the Star Wars films in theaters. I desperately want I can't WAIT to see The Phantom Menace!! I am hoping to make a really fun weekend out of it...but I'll talk about that another time. About the actual movie, I am really excited to see what happens with the 3D technology...the podrace and space battle should be epic, and even though TPM isn't my favorite movie (though it isn't horrible), I am excited to see it again. I am probably more excited about seeing the Opening Crawl on the big screen than I am anything else!! About the characters...I like Padme best in TPM.  She's not as annoying as she is later on and I really like her clothes as Queen of Naboo. I'm not a Jar-Jar hater nor a Jar-Jar I shall remain neutral on this subject. Savanna mentioned over-use of marketing for the movie. I honestly don't mind this! I love to see Star Wars's a great way to make connections to other fans, and fun to collect. I'll be eating Happy Meals, and buying lots of cereal this month. Also, while on the topic of TPM, I have to mention Darth Maul. I remember watching this movie when I was about six, and not having any idea as to what it was, and getting really freaked out by this guy.  Now that I'm older, I don't hate Maul, but I most definitely do not love him. I am kinda worried/nervous to see what he does in The Clone Wars, and he was never one of my favorite characters anyway. I hope they make his epic lightsabers in super 3D though...Okay, that is all!  

Don't forget to visit your closest movie theater starting February 10th to see The Phantom Menace in 3D. Are you excited about this?


  1. So excited for the rerelease! I was only 7 when it came out, I'm really excited to see Star Wars in the theater again!

  2. I'm so excited about seeing a Star Wars movie in theaters! I never got the chance to see them in theaters the first time around so I am so thankful for the opportunity! I am definitely going to dress up as a Jedi when I go to see it! :) Oh, and I get to see some of my favorite characters on the big screen, hear the sounds extremely loud, and hear the music thundering in the speakers; so cool! :D
    Oh, and I think I'll check out the Darth Plagueis novel from my library(goes to inter-library a loan it or place a hold).

  3. I cannot wait to see it!! I saw TCW in theaters but other than that no Star Wars movies and I'm super excited to see TPM. Fallon, yes the opening crawl should be cool! I'm a bit tired of seeing Maul everywhere, not liking him that much, but it's nice to see a bit of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon around too. :) Nice post, girls! :D


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