Friday, January 27, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Friends and Enemies


10/10/.  1000000/10.  AHHH!!!!!

Seriously people.  How can you NOT LIKE THAT?!?!?  It was as "classic Clone Wars" as they COME!  Obi-Wan (in disguise as Rako Hardeen), Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Chancellor Palpatine, Captain Rex, CAD FREAKING BANE, Morallo Eval, a bunch of epic extras and MORE!!!  ALL IN ONE EPISODE!!!!!!!

I've read very mixed reviews.  Some hated it, some said it was so/so, and some say it's the best episode yet.  Savanna and I would both be in that last category.

Cad Bane, Morallo Eval, and Rako Hardeen (Obi) need to get out of prison, which they all did, and now they're on the run.  After splitting up and then rejoining forces, Obi-Wan/Rako and Cad Bane clash quite a bit.

Honestly, if you've seen the episode, you know the plot.  I'm going to tell you about the details that made me so excited.

BANE'S NEW OUTFIT.  IT IS EPIC!  His hat!  The Indy hat reference!  THAT WAS AMAZING!
Cad Bane can kill a guy with a toothpick if he wants to!!  How freaking kick-butt is that!???!

Morallo Eval talks in the third person.  I find that quite awesome.  "Morallo Eval is getting impatient."  "Morallo Eval does not have time to waste."
"Fallon is hyper."  "Fallon does not have time to waste on squealing over Clone Wars episodes."

I love how even though he's disguised as Rako Hardeen, Obi-Wan still shines through the disguise.

Anakin.  OH. MY. WORD. ANAKIN.  I loved him!!!  He was so heartbroken, so was fabulous.  Angst at it's finest.  Palpatine was as creepy as ever.  The scene in his office was far too foreshadowing for my tastes, but it was still good.
Tribute to Ian Abercrombie, who voiced Palpatine in TCW, he passed away recently.  R.I.P. Mr. Abercrombie.
I loved Anakin in that scene though.  (go away ani haters!).  I was almost gonna cry when he said that Obi-Wan was his best friend.  It broke my heart.....*dramatic sob*

Ahsoka was GREAT!  She kicked butt!!  She's a good pilot!  I liked her interaction with Anakin, it felt natural and sweet, while she was also somewhat afraid of him I think, because of how violent he was being.  I liked that he called her Snips though.
Also, her quote about Bane: "Who else wears a hat like that?!" was perfectly amazing.

Obi-Wan/Rako was GREAT!  He was very much "in character" and I as finding myself having trouble remembering that it was Obi-Wan under the disguise.  In the final battle scene, with Obi-Wan, Anakin, Bane, Ahsoka and Morallo......I was incoherent.  I was squealing, jumping up and down and overall freaking out with excitement.  It was EPIC!

Some of our favorite characters got cameos....CAPTAIN REX.  OH MY GOSH.  I was squealing and freaking out SO BAD.  Sy Snootles made a brief appearance, and some famous species were spotted, including the Bith, the Gourmerrean guards, and the Hutts (they WERE on Nal Hutta, after all....)

Anakin and Obi-Wan got into a fist fight.....I was crying practically.  Cad Bane used his AH-MAZE-ING rocket boots, and Ahsoka used her lightsabers and piloting skills.
The crash of the ships was SO well animated.  I was freaking out!!   I was fascinated by the graphics, as well as my emotional turmoil as my favorite characters battled it out.

Another small detail I'd like to mention is when Obi-Wan used the Force.  He's done that a few times in this arc, and I love it.  I especially like toward the end when he used the Force to knock Anakin out essentially.  It was almost sad.

THEY. KNOW.  Anakin and Ahsoka know of the plot!!!!!  They know Obi's not dead!!!!!  EEHPPPP!!!  I can't wait to see this!  I MUST know what happens!!!  I sincerely hope Cad Bane doesn't die in this arc though....partially for the sake of myself and having to deal with a depressed Savanna, and partially because I really like him, and he's way too cool to die.

Well, this review is quite all over the place.....sorry about that...I'm only very excited about this episode.  It might be my new favorite.  This arc is getting AMAZING.  I can't WAIT for next week!!!!!

What are your thoughts on Friends and Enemies?


  1. I LOVED this episode!!! I loved the part where Obi-Wan whispered "Anakin...don't follow me." For some reason his voice reminded me of Ben...don't know why. Oh and, did you hear "The Force" theme playing during that snippet? I LOVED that part. I kept re-watching it to make sure I didn't miss anything. I also loved the part where Anakin said that Obi-Wan was his best friend(AHHHH XD) I liked Obi-Wan's "Anakin!" after he sits up from being thrown to the floor. And the beginning where Obi-Wan/Hardeen crashed the ship was very reminiscent of Anakin(especially when he crash-landed "The Invisible Hand" in ROTS). It seems like he's taken some qualities of Anakin's there

  2. Great post! :D

    The end of the episode was a bit confusing for me- how much does Anakin suspect? How exactly did Obi-Wan knock him out? (for a while I was convinced that he had fainted from shock) XD

    Yes, 'twas an overall amazing episode (my second favorite) and I can't wait for "The Box"! Hopefully I'll get some questions answered then.

  3. LOL Love ur post!
    I <3 the episode, and my review on it is on the same line as urs but longer. I have soo much to say and my fingers are aching for too much typing.

  4. I TOTALLY LOVED THIS EPISODE TOO!!!!!!! My excitement cannot be contained in any text or number of exclamation points!!!!!!!!

  5. My favorite episode too!

  6. awsome post i agree i loved this episode. I agree i was near tears when anakin called obiwan his best friend and the last fight scene between anakin and obiwan was outstanding. loved seeing anakin and ahsoka together again and the fact that they know eep i am definitly looking foward to next weeks episode

  7. Great review. The episode is probably my favorite episode since the Umbara story arc or the Ahsoka with Death Watch episode.



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