Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fangirl Icons

There are so many fangirls out there that we really admire. Confident Star Wars loving women with awesome jobs are great role models for teenage girls like us. While we could talk forever about all the different fangals, we're going to discuss our top three: Bonnie Burton, Consetta Parker, and Ashley Eckstein. All of these ladies have influenced the world of female fandom tremendously! 

Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton does so many things for Lucasfilm, it's just incredible. She is a Content Developer for Lucas Online, Senior Editor at, staff writer for the Star Wars Insider magazine, and lead writer for the Official Star Wars Blog. She even runs her very own website,, where she talks about anything about her interests in life. Bonnie has also written many books about geeky things from drawing to crafts. By the way, we highly recommend her Star Wars Craft Book, there are so many adorable puppets and dolls to make in there. Don't forget that you can follow her on Twitter @bonniegrrl.
Consetta Parker
Consetta Parker...this lady is SO awesome! First off, she started her own publicity company and works for our favorite voices in The Clone Wars, James Arnold Taylor and Catherine Taber. She's also a member of the 501st Legion and sports biker scout and bounty hunter gear. Not to mention Consetta met her husband at THE Skywalker Ranch!! C'mon girls, you know that this is your dream (or at least one of ours). She also works at the one and only Rancho Obi-Wan. We've seen that her house is full (and we mean completely covered) with Star Wars figures, statues, and anything else you can think of! One last note, we must give a little shout-out to her precious kitties...because we love adorable animals. Consetta's also on Twitter at @parkerpublicist.

Ashley Eckstein
It should be no surprise that we are featuring Ashley Eckstein in this post. Ashley is the reason Fallon is a fangirl, and helped Savanna get where she is today. We both love Ashley as Ahsoka in The Clone Wars, and are huge supporters/fans of her clothing business for women...Her Universe!! The Her Universe clothes are a must have for any girl Star Wars fan...or Sy-Fy fan. We are so inspired by Ashley and her work to help geek girls everywhere be proud of who they are! As proud owners of Her Universe merchandise, we can say that she is doing a fantastic job.  Ashley is also the reason we have The Lakehouse Forums, and the reason we met!! She is a huge inspiration to many fangirls all over the world. Ashley is also on Facebook and Twitter @HerUniverse.  

Who are YOUR inspirations and/or icons? This is just the tip of the iceberg for us.


  1. I just want to thank these women for their positive influence in the lives of my daughters. You have shown these girls what happens when you follow your passions. These girls (through the forum, blogs, etc.) have formed friendships without even meeting each other face to face (welcome to the future). You all are an inspiration and wonderful role models. As a mom, trying to raise daughters in today's world, I thank God for women like you. Thank you for teaching these girls to not be afraid and follow their dreams.
    (Fallon's Mom)

  2. You definitly picked some incredible women role models each one of these incredilbe ladies are just outstanding in their own way. And i agree Ashley is beyond amazing. She has done so much for the fangirl community and is really an inspiration LOVE this post


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