Sunday, January 15, 2012

Original Trilogy Costumes

There are so many elaborate and beautiful costumes in Star Wars. While the prequel outfits have much more intricate detail, I still prefer many of the costumes in the original trilogy. In this post, I (Savanna) will be discussing my favorite wardrobe pieces in the OT and Fallon will talk about her favorite prequel costumes later this week. 

Han Solo- It's no secret that I have a crush on Han Solo. He doesn't make costume changes too often in the movies but, he does have a few different outfits. My all time favorite is his classic black pants, white shirt, and vest from A New Hope. It's so simple but it really suits Han's personality. I could never imagine him wearing something really formal or super "put together". The shirt is cut low enough to show his nice chest and the pants coordinate nicely with his gun holster. This picture doesn't really show it but, his pants also have red stripes down each side. The vest completes everything and leaves his arms with full mobility so he can shoot first every time. 

Luke Skywalker- *rolls eyes* I wanted to omit Luke from this post just for the sake of my hatred towards him but, I'll deal with it and include him. To be quite honest, I'm not a fan of Luke's outfits but, if I had to choose one that I liked, it would would have to be his Bespin suit. Much like Han's outfit above, this tan jumpsuit is very simple. It's very crisp with clean lines and minimal accessories. The only additions to this outfit are the brown leather belt with pouches and Luke's lightsaber hanging from the front. If I was a boy and happened to look like Luke, this would be a fun cosplay but, there's nothing too exciting about it.

Leia Organa- Gosh, where do I start with this woman?! Excluding her slave outfit (I try to pretend that never existed), I love every single one of Leia's outfits. All of her dresses are beautiful and suit her personality perfectly. Picking just one costume out or her entire collection is tough but I'd have to say that her Hoth getup has always caught my eye. The all white ensemble is very formal for "work" but it also show's a great deal of femininity without showing hardly any skin. The puffy vest looks nice and cozy! Also notice that her boots have a wedge heel on them. I'm sure those helped her get a nice boost up to Han Solo when they kissed. 

Darth Vader- There's no way I could have finished this post without giving a huge nod to (in my opinion) the best costume in all of Star Wars. Darth Vader is a villain that everyone loves to hate, mostly for his sinister ways. I love his completely black attire, blinking chest box, and gleaming helmet. Plus, you can't deny that his cape is totally epic! In my mind, anyone with a cape automatically gets 10+ awesome points. It looks so awesome sweeping behind Vader whether he's kneeling before Darth Sidious, stomping through the Tantive IV, or dueling with his son.

I also have to give recognition to other characters with fantastic costumes like Boba Fett, the Stormtroopers, the Imperial officers, X-Wing pilots, Lando Calrissian, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you like the costumes of the original trilogy? If so, which ones are your favorite?


  1. Awesome costume choices! My favorites are Luke's black jumpsuit in ROTJ(I would really like one of those), Leia's Endor outfit(the greenish one), Darth Vader's assemble(especially the cape), Obi-Wan's Jedi robe, Han's first outfit, and I think Lando's cape looks pretty neat.

  2. I LOVE Vadar's costume!!! Yesterday I dressed up in my Vadar sweater, black skirt, cape, lighstaber and mask when we went to the park. Kayla and I did lightsaber duels--it was so epic. I'm sure I looked like a freak to anyone watching though! LOL


  3. My favorite is the Original Leia. The buns are the best part. And also because it's not Lux and Ahsoka kissing... does that even make sense? :P

  4. I love just about every Trilogy costume!


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