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Favorite Couples

Many fangirls love to fantasize about two characters in Star Wars falling in love. Fallon, a hopeless romantic, spends plenty of time thinking about this while Savanna, an action lover, enjoys only a few couples. Our favorite pairings include Han/Leia, Luke/Mara, Anakin/Padme, and the most controversial...Rex/Ahsoka. Yes, it's true...we love Rexsoka. In this post, we're going to discuss these favorite pairings and why we love them.

Han and Leia
Ahhh, the classic couple of Star Wars. We watched Han win Leia's heart throughout the original trilogy and into the Expanded Universe. The most attractive thing to their relationship is the difference of Han and Leia's personalities. Han, being the cocky scoundrel, seemed different than Leia's spunky princess personality but they clicked perfectly. Both seem to relate to each other with their charm and relative strong persona. While Leia is still a petite woman, she's not afraid to stand her ground, which may have brought attention to Han. Personally, I love watching them make witty comments towards each other. The all famous "I love you/I know" scene in The Empire Strikes Back is the most romantic thing in existence. I swear, if a man ever said that to me, I'd probably faint and die from epicness. It's really neat that Han and Leia exchanged roles but said the same words in Return of the Jedi too. They're also quite sweet in the Expanded Universe while caring for their children and such. Han always knows how to calm Leia if she's stressed or worried about something. 

Rex and Ahsoka
As stated above, this is an extremely debatable topic in the world of fangirls. Before you get all irate and crazy, just keep reading and try to be respectful of our opinions. Rex and Ahsoka seem like they'd be the perfect couple because they relate in so many aspects. First of all, they've experience war together which is a big deal. If they ever needed to discuss the trials and tribulations of this tough time, they could support each other. Secondly, since Rex is a clone warrior, he's around other Jedi often and understands their way of thinking. This could benefit their relationship by knowing boundaries of emotions and values. Many people hate this pairing because they think that Ahsoka doesn't need a man. This is a very valid point because she is a strong female but, we like this pairing for the sake of fantasy. There is a possibility of Ahsoka falling in love with the Separatist kid Lux but, we like to imagine her with the loveable Rex. 

Luke and Mara
Oohhh...Luke and Mara! Luke and Mara are the couple of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. They meet in the famed Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn, and instantly Mara Jade hates/despises/wants-to-kill Luke. Even after their rocky start, Luke and Mara become allies by the end of the trilogy, and later even friends. Mara joins Luke at his Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV to be trained in the ways of the Force, but leaves prematurely due to both of them having control issues. After ten years of having an on-again-off-again friendship...the Force pretty much takes Luke's and Mara's relationship into it's own hands...(does the Force have hands? I don't know if that sentence made any sense...but bear with me here.). While in some seemingly Force-foresaken cavern during the book Visions of the Future by Timothy Zahn, Mara and Luke have an awesome Force-Melding of their souls. *major squee* He proposes on the verge of death, and she says yes.  Everything is perfect and amazing for a while....and then the whole galaxy falls apart again, and more stuff happens that totally ruins everything, and ultimately she dies, leaving Luke and their fairly young son, Ben, all alone.  :D

Anakin and Padme
As Han and Leia are the featured couple of the Original Star Wars films, Anakin and Padme are the superstars of the Prequel Trilogy. The two first meet when Anakin is still a little boy of nine....fresh off's block (*winces at how cruel that sounds, even though it's pretty true*) on Tatooine. Padme was a young queen, and the two automatically become friends, young Ani smitten with the pretty girl. Their romance really picks up about ten years later, when Anakin is a nearly-20 year old Padawan under his Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme is the Senatorial Representative of Naboo.  Anakin's first solo mission is to protect Padme from the people who want her dead.  They then end up fighting for their lives, and confess their love to one another, discovering it impossible to hide their true feelings (Anakin especially, finds this difficult).  They are married shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, before the start of The Clone Wars. Anakin and Padme keep their marriage a secret for many years, until the end of the Clone Wars, when literally the galaxy falls apart.  By then, Padme's pregnant with Anakin's child (hehe...children, is more like it) and Anakin is dealing with serious fear issues. Ultimately, he kills all the jedi and a bunch of little kids, and becomes Darth Vader to try and save Padme's life.  She dies of a broken heart. (way to go Anakin) But she still gives birth to the baby (babies), who then live their lives in secrecy thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Yay for Obi-Wan!). So this concludes the tragic, but beautiful, romance of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite couples in Star Wars. Who is your favorite romantic pairing and why?


  1. I'm not really into romance, but there a few I enjoyed.

    Obi-Wan and Siri (Loved this one! It is actually the first romance that I was okay with and it's still one of the few that I like)

    Qui-Gon and Tahl (I also really liked this one)

    I like Rex and Ahsoka. I don't think there would be a romantic relationship between them, but I always sensed that in the first two seasons Ahsoka had a crush on him. :D

    I also kind of think that Darra and Ferus liked each other but that has never been confirmed.

  2. I'm against Rex/Ahsoka, but I can see how some people might like it.

    I also like Obi-Wan/Satine, and a few fanfic pairings (which may give away some stuff for a fanfic [and therefore resulting in me getting killed XDDD]) so I won't state them at the current time XDDDD

  3. I hope you all really liked that post, Savanna and I had fun writing it! :)

    I LOVE Rexoka, as does Savanna, but we understand if others don't. ;)

    Bluey: I love Obi-Tine! Haha, it's my favorite Obi pairing. I also like Siri-Wan, but I think Obi-Tine is my favorite.

    Shena: I LOVE Qui-Gon and Tahl!!!!!! They're romance made me tear up while reading Jedi Apprentice! :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

  4. Ah, I guess the Leia/Han thing was alright, but I am against all EU. I don't like it at all! Mara was a well-developed character in the Thrawn books, but I never finished reading them so I really can't say.

    I find Anakin/Padme to be hilariously awkward, as most nine-year-old boys think girls are gross and enjoy shooting them with Nerf guns, as opposed to thinking that they are angels.

    Great post! I really like FoF.

  5. Anakin and Padme are definitly my favorite. I've gone back and forth on Rexsoka i really like the relationship they have but can't completly see them romantic together. Quigon and Tahl are one of my faves as are Obi wan and siri :) Awsome post

  6. Han and Leia: hands down favorite. :)

    I've not read anything about them but I'm alright with Luke and Mara.

    Can't say anything about Ahsoka and Rex 'cause I haven't seen TCW. :D

    And Padme and Anakin are an extremely awkward and uncomforatable romance to me, so I don't care for them in ATOC. They are better in ROTS though. :)

    Good post!!!!


  7. Love Rex and Soka!They belong to each other. Ashoka should NOT fall for Lux. I hate him....

    Leia and Han are adorable. They rock. Their relationship is just so... Natural. So cute :)

    Anakin and Padme are alright. ATOC was very awkward and ROTS wasn't much better. They still are cute together though.

    Not sure about Mara and Luke though. Luke totally belongs to me but, I guess I am kinda OK with Mara. I haven't read any of the EU's so I can't really judge.

    Thanks for Posting!!!


  8. love ani and padme all the way. don't exactly understand the pairing between rex and ahsoka. i think she goes well with lux. :)

  9. ................................................................................................

    The main reason I cannot STAND Rexsoka is not that I don't like Rex, it's because how OLD he is physically. Isn't there something very wrong with a physically 21+ man being in love with a then 14 (11 according to Lucas originally O.o), now about 16 year old girl?!
    Moving on, I love Anidala and Han/Leia, along with Lukara.

  10. My favorite parring of all time gotta be Han and Leia! <3333333 love them together forever!


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