Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Trivia

This is a post that we will do every week to involve fangirls who love Star Wars trivia. This how it works- a trivia question will be posted with a related photo on Monday. If you know the answer, post your guess in the comment section below. You're allowed to surf the internet or Star Wars books if you're stumped. Then we'll announce the winner and a new trivia question on next Monday.

Please note: Just to keep everything organized on our part, we will only accept answers in the comment section below. Emails, comments on Facebook, or tweets will not count.

Trivia Question

In early drafts of The Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas gave Yoda a different name. What was this name?

Do you know the answer? Leave your guess in the comment section below. The first person to answer correctly wins. Ready...Set....Go!!


  1. His given name was simply "Minch" in the story treatments, but then was dropped in favor of "Yoda."

  2. MINCH? OMGOODNESS. Hate it.

    Sounds like Grinch, which would bridge copy catting for me.

  3. George Lucas originally wished Yoda to follow his other characters in having a full name, which was to be Minch Yoda; but instead opted to have many details of the character's life history remain unknown.


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