Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fan Art Frenzy

There are many incredible artists in the world. We especially like the ones who do wonderful Star Wars fan art. Below are just a few of our favorite fan art pieces (click on each picture to enlarge it).

Savanna's Favorites

This female deathwatch drawing by Thomas A. Szakolczay is really awesome! I find this to be one of my very favorite fan art drawings because the girl resembles me greatly and is wearing armor of my favorite colors. 

Grant Gould does some fantastic work but this conception of Cad Bane is my absolute favorite in his portfolio. The crossed blasters in front of Bane's chest is completely epic. 

Mark McHaley is another brilliant artist with a very unique style. This beautiful picture of Anakin and Padme from Episode II is just perfect. He also gave this an interesting title..."Doomed from the Start."

This picture by Sean Sebastian holds a lot of emotion. I love how Commander Cody is portrayed in a regretful way as a result of the horrific Order 66.

Fallon's Favorites

This beyond epic crossover picture by Grant Gould combines two of my all time favorite things...Luke and Mara and TRON: Legacy! It's amazing.

This beautiful Luke and Mara picture by FalconFan on DeviantART is AMAZING. I love it!!  Green is SO Mara's color!

Awesome picture of some of my favorite X-Wing Pilots....Tycho Celchu (in the black), Wedge Antilles (in orange) and Corran Horn *squee* (in green). By Callista1981 on DeviantART.  

This piece of fanart is for a fanfic called "X-Wings: Knights of Plooma" written by JediMara77 and Lane Winree.  The picture is drawn by Svenjaliv on DeviantART.  I love the fanfic, and this picture is a PERFECT drawing of it! And, it has all my favorite characters: Corran, Luke, Mara and Hobbie! *squee*

We will be featuring plenty more fan art in future posts for Fangirls on Felucia. If you're an artist and want to share your artwork in one of these entries, please email us at fangirlsonfelucia@gmail.com.


  1. love the ones with mara and luke. so romantic. :)

  2. love these pics especially the commander cody one and the one with anakin and padme beautiful pictures

  3. I love the colors of the Anakin and Padme one! Very bright and colorful!


  4. That Cody fan-art picture is really sad and really good. It makes me wonder if he indeed did feel remorse about it?

  5. The Cad Bane one, you're right, is epic. I've wanted to do a pose of him like that a long time, so please someone push me to sit down and get that done!

    The Commander Cody one was so, so poignant and heartbreaking. My favorite one by far. I bet he as well as many clones felt lots of guilt and remorse over Order 66 - and all that was summed up in one image. Very emotional!

    -Stilwater <><


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