Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fanfiction Review: Han and Leia

Here's a fanfiction post dedicated to everyone's favorite Star Wars couple....Han and Leia!! I got into fanfiction a few years back....and thanks to several friends of mine I am now the QUEEN of Fanfiction! (well, at least on The Lakehouse Forums I am!) I have read and reviewed several stories, and I am a beta-reader for hire (free of charge). I have read dozens of (okay, HUNDREDS of) fanfics, and I will review them here on FOF for you all to enjoy!!!! I will be honest, and give fair warnings if some stories are a bit more...ah...suggestive, than others. Enjoy!

Darth Tromeros's Stories:  I'm actually just going to link you to a friend of mine, Darth Tromeros.  She writes mainly Han and Leia fanfiction, and it's all WONDERFUL.  Because they are simple one shots, you can just choose which ones you'd like to read from her list.  :)

Endless Night:  I have said it before and I'll say it again.  This fanfic is one of my all time favorites.  It is written by a friend of mine, (goodness, I have a lot of friends) and GreatOne does an AMAZING job.  Her stories are almost all Han and Leia or just Han centered, which is great for fans of him.....*coughSavannacough*  I have read this story probably ten times, and I still have not tired of it. The essential plot of this story is that after being frozen in Carbonite, Han Solo does NOT regain his sight.  Instead, he and Leia (and Luke and Chewie too) have to learn to deal with Han's newfound disability.  This is a fantastic story that deals with the trials our favorite characters face.  The sequel (Blind Ambitions) is probably my favorite of the two stories, and both have me madly in love with our characters.

Breakthrough: This story is by a friend of mine (wow, look, more friends) whom I beta-read for, Emma Solo!! This story is fantastic. It deals with Han and Leia on the trip to Bespin, and discovering their true feelings. It's super sweet, very good and extremely well written. Props Emma! And definitely check this story out fans of "Haneia"!!!

Broken Circle: OH MY GOSH. This one made me sooooobbbbb. No worries, it has a happy ending, but still, BOY DID IT JUST KILL ME! (in a very emotional sense, haha).  Essentially, Han has to raise his three Force Sensitive children after Leia is murdered mysteriously (Chewie's killed too, I believe). Han pushes Luke and Mara out of his life, and tries to handle things by himself, which ends up hurting both him and the kids more in the long run. Eventually, they (Luke, Mara and Han) discover that Leia is indeed not dead, and they rescue her from the evils! YAY! Read to find out what happens!

Separate Lives: This one is fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Has anyone read The Courtship of Princess Leia? Well, if so, this is a very AU (Alternate Universe) take on that story.  Instead of stopping Leia from marrying Isolder, Han steps out of the way, not feeling worthy of the princess. He soon regrets his decision and falls into depression. This story is how fate (or the Force?!) manages to work it's way into both Leia and Han's lives....while on a cruise! Again, read to find out what happens! This one might have a bit of suggestive material, but nothing TOO bad, I promise.

That concludes this post on Fanfiction....look back soon for more awesome fanfics!! What other fanfics do you think I should review?

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  1. awsome stories i really need to get to reading some fanfic sounds like there are some good stories out there great post

  2. defiantly going to post my fan fics on that site soon. :)


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