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Clone Wars Review: Crisis on Naboo

**This post will contain spoilers for Crisis on Naboo!!*  

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this episode!!!  I wasn't expecting much, since "The Box" was somewhat of a let down, but I really enjoyed this episode.

The suspense factor was great.  I found myself cringing and thinking "GAHHH NOOOO" and then "ACKKK NOT THAT EITHER!"  It was very well done, and had a LOT of character development and foreshadowing, both of which I absolutely LOVE in books, fanfics, movies and TV shows.

The fortune cookie for this episode said: "Trust is the greatest of gifts, and it must be earned." I love this quote/cookie, it's absolutely perfect for this episode and it works well.

This episode impressed me to be honest.  The graphics were AMAZING, as always, but the fireworks especially during Naboo's Festival of Light were amazing!!!  I very much enjoyed them, as well as the disguises that Cad Bane and friends wore during their infiltration of the Republic's security.  Did you people SEE those things??  I was freaking out with the epicness!!!!

Random thing I liked, THE JEDI COUNCIL!!!!!  YESSS!!!!  It was great to see them, if only for a moment.  I wish that there would be more episodes focused on them....Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti....I'd LOVE to see them again!!!!

I thought that this episode had a great pace, great action and great character development, which is my favorite thing ever, as many of you know.  I was thrilled to see Obi-Wan in action, as a "sniper".  I also liked Embo with his hat in the Marvel fangirl self only saw Captain America's shield in that scene!!!  Haha!!  Anyway, the action with the bounty hunters was quite well done.  I loved it.

I liked seeing our favorite political people, including Bail Organa and Padme, as well as the queen of Naboo and Mr. Evil himself, Palpatine!!!  The shock troopers were awesome, and Padme was wearing another familiar outfit!!!  one of my favorites too!!!

Next we get to the action....Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan (Rako Hardeen), Bane, and the others!!!  They were fantastic, and it was all really well done!!!  I couldn't' tear my eyes from the screen.
Now I'm going to get into my favorite part of the show.....Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Anakin finds out who Obi-Wan was, and his reaction was perfect.  He is angry, spiteful and violent even.  I was very happy with how the Clone Wars people communicated Anakin's emotions to Obi-Wan's deceitful was a nice twist, and really foreshadowing.

Everything that followed in this episode left me speechless.  I was shocked.  Anakin and Dooku battled it out.  I didn't really look forward to this, since they'd battled twice already this season, but this was by far the best battle yet.  Anakin gets quite angry and aggressive with Dooku, and I can't help but wonder if he was using a bit of the Dark Side....

Oh, looking at my notes, I saw a scribble that says "FORKS".  I have to point out that I almost giggled and almost winced for Anakin there....Dooku throws silverware at him, and he deflects it with his (what my sister calls) his "droid hand".  I was all like, "OWWW FORKS".  Hah!  I love that TCW uses Anakin's robotic prothetic in the series, like in the Citadel, Zillo Beast and this episode, because it really is important later.  What saves Anakin from a fiery death on Mustafar?  His robot hand.

The next scenes you could SEE PLAIN AS DAY Palpatine manipulating Anakin.  It was almost could really see him using Anakin to do his will and whatever he wanted.  I didn't like it.  I was cursing a bit (in my head and possibly on my notes) just because of how darn foreshadowing that was.  It's like the entire series was clicking in my head.... everything was falling into place, and I could see the big puzzle from far away.  That's an overwhelming feeling, hence the vulgarities used. Haha!!

Overall, I'd give this episode as solid 8.5/10.  It was extremely well done, but there's always room for improvement.

Okay, sorry this review was so late!!!!  I wasn't around yesterday, and Savanna and I were busy talking after the episode itself.  I promise from now on the reviews will be on time!!!

What did you all think of Crisis on Naboo?  Like it, love it?  Think I have stupid opinions?  Comment here, or let us know via Facebook or Twitter!!!!

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  1. I enjoyed the episode as well!!! I loved it when Obi-Wan threw Bane into Eval. I also liked Obi-Wan and Anakin but I wish there was more of it; hopefully they'll show them mending their friendship up in later episodes(maybe even the finale). I really liked the duel(even if the whole Anakin v.s Dooku is overdone) and I especially liked it when Obi-Wan showed up(I loved how he immediately asked Anakin if he was all right).
    So all in all, I enjoyed the episode even though I wish there had been more of a start to the mending of their friendship.


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