Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fangirl In Training

Fallon here!  This amazing post is all about my baby sister, (not such a baby, she's ten...), Glory!  Glory is awesome.  She is waaaaay cooler than I EVER was at her age, and she's the geek girl everyone wants to hang around with because she's so awesome.

My sister is actually the reason I got interested in Star Wars!!!!  She was a die-hard Clone Wars fan when it first came out in theaters, and because she automatically loved anything with the Star Wars label on it, she made me buy her the Original Trilogy on VCR from a thrift store, which lead to this crazy obsession.  Now Glory is definitely a TCW generation fan, but she understands and likes the entire SW Saga.  She even gets into the EU with me, since that's what I like best.

Glory makes geeky-nerdy-awesome references that no one else (except a few boys and me) understand.  I think we're the only kids I know who play "Thor" at the playground, and beg Heimdall to open the Bifrost for us while on the swings.  She's the only little girl I know who joins the boys in Nerf Gun War, telling the boy who slips and starts to cry to "suck it up shiny".  This child is amazing.

Glory loves to dress as a Jedi.  She makes her American Girl dolls dress as Jedi, and gives them toy lightsabers (goodness, we have a billion of them, all shapes and sizes..).  She collects action figures, she has me read her fanfics and pro-fics, and she draws the most incrediblly adorable pictures.
Glory's latest obsession is the movie Thor, from Marvel.  She and I (as well as our cousin) are in LOVE with the Avengers, and we'll quote the movies all the time.  Glory is especially  in love with Thor, and she's created her own character, similar to how I create my own characters!!!

My Valentine yesterday was addressed "To Fallon: From Glory", and it was a picture of X-Wing Fallon in her ship, shooting her laser guns at a large explosion-heart that said, "BOOM" above it.

Savanna is also Glory's fangirl friend, her second Older Sister, in fact!!!  Glory is absolutely in love with Savanna, and does things EXTRA cute, just to make her feel special.  She drew Savanna a "Pampa", which is a cross between Savanna's two favorite animals, the Panda and the Wampa.  She also drew her a picture of Cad Bane and some pandas for Christmas last year......

Glory is my padawan in most respects.  She is learning to be an even cooler fangirl through me, and I'm honored to teach her.  This chick so going to grow up to be the most epic, awesome, confident, beautiful fangirl the world has ever seen.  Look out galaxy, Glory, Jedi Knight and Goddess of Lighting is coming for you!!!


  1. Awwww!Your sister sounds like an amazing and adorable fangirl in training!!!!! ;D

  2. Your sister has never been afraid to show her fandom. We have all learned from her. You forgot to mention that she had a lightsaber duel with her PE coach and won, while the whole crowd chanted her name. She shows us all how to embrace life with passion and creativity. Good Post Fallon

  3. Go Glory! I am a padawan too so I understand the training. LOL, we are lucky to have nice and smart Masters. (big sisters) Haha!


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