Sunday, February 5, 2012

The REAL Han and Leia

Hey friends!  Fallon here!

Now you may be curious about the title to this post.....the REAL Han and Leia. Explanation?  My parents. You are probably thinking I'm insane right about now.  I'm not insane. My parents might be, but I am not. Yet.

My mom and dad are very seriously convinced that they are Han Solo and Leia Organa.  I am 100% not joking.  They talk in quotes, they refer to things in real life as Star Wars things, they read the books together, they watch the movies and reenact certain scenes....

Sometimes I think it's weird, other times I think it's awesome. My mom frequents a blog called "Han and Leia Fanfic Writers" and reads and writes fanfiction. She's pretty good....but it's sometimes hard to read my mom's work. My dad could be Han Solo. He is as blunt, sarcastic, hilarious and outspoken as Captain Solo himself, and sometimes (like when we went out to dinner on Friday night) that's not always a good thing. We are constantly taking Han Solo quotes and saying "Daddy would SOOO do that!" (my sister and I).

I love when my dad calls my mom from work and they talk in "code".  It usually  goes like this:

Mom: Hello?
Dad:  Hi Princess...
Mom:  Helloooo dear...
Dad:  I love you
Mom:  I know.
Me:  *facepalm and run from room*

He calls her Princess on a daily basis.  It's seriously her nickname.  I am no longer the princess of the family....

It's really fun to confuse little kid Star Wars fans.  My sister's best friend's brother is a bit younger than me (by a bit I mean like three or four years) and I love to mess with him about my parents.  He'll be bragging about some Star Wars fact he knows, and I'll just trump all by saying:
"My mom and dad are Han and Leia."
He'll just stare at me like I'm insane, and then my sister comes to back me up on that.

Some mental scarring does take-place.....but mostly, I love my parents for being crazy Star Wars fans too.  I would be very sad if I was all alone in liking it.

The point of this post is this.  A while back I recorded my parents talking and answering questions as Han Solo and Princess Leia.  I had to decipher what they were saying (between the howling laughter, poker chips and margarita blender sounds) but this will be the interview, in written form.  Or....most of it.  Some is too full of innuendos to be on this (or any of my) blog(s).  Bad Han...

Anyway, enjoy!!

Fallon Sunstar:  Hello!  Welcome, Readers of Fangirls on Felucia, to a LIVE interview with the one and only, SOLO FAMILY!!  Han and Leia Organa-Solo have agreed to do an interview with me, for all of you!  Enjoy and read on!! 
FS:  Han and Leia, thank you for doing this interview with me!
LOS:  It’s our pleasure. 
HS:  Yeah.
FS:  Well, first question!  Han, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but my readers demand the truth.  Who really shot first?
HS:  *smirks*  Leia.
LOS:  *nods approvingly*  It’s true.
FS:  Good answer.  Next question…Leia, how did you feel when you found out that Luke Skywalker was your brother?
LOS: ….
HS: *interrupts*  RELIEF.  She could finally be free of that whine bag. 
LOS:  *elbows Han in ribs* 
FS:  O.O  Haha!!!  Okay then.  Next question is….Who is your favorite child?
HS:  Favorite child…..?
LOS:  We don’t choose favorites-
HS:  But if we had to pick, we’d pick our nephew!  Schmooey!!!
FS:  O.o  Uhhhmm….do you  mean, Ben Skywalker…your nephew?
HS: Yeah, Ben.  We call him Schmooey for short. 
FS:  Schmooey is shorter than Ben??
LOS:  Duh!  That’s what we call him, and he loves it. 
HS:  My only hope is that someday Schmooey will get bigger than the old man and be able to beat him up.  I’ll root for him too, “GO SCHMOOEY GO!!!!” 
LOS:  *highfive* 
FS:  *stares at Solo’s with mouth hanging open*  What the…anyway… question.  Leia, why did it take you so long to become a Jedi?
LOS:  Well, I was busy with the New Republic and-
HS:  She had better things to do.
LOS:  *glares at Han*  As I was saying….I didn’t agree with all their standards and-
HS:  Standards?  We don’t need to get all religious on it, I just wanted you to learn how to float stuff and that’s it! 
LOS:  What?  Han-
HS:  I mean, I’d love for you to levitate me, but you don’t try very often….
LOS:  Just because I did that one time-
HS: Let alone, you put the chokehold on me like your father!
LOS:  You know, you’re going to be very lonely.
HS:  But I’ll forever have that image of you burned in my…
LOS: Shut up! This is a G rated….PG rated interview!
HS:  Hey!  Never tell me the odds!
LOS:  You ARE odd!!
HS:  Ancient Weapons and Hokey Religions are…oh wait, that’s from when I starred in that movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark….
LOS:  Oh yes, when you starred in a bunch of other movies about some archeologist….I like archeology….
HS:  Well it’s never too late to try again with those types of things…
LOS:  That’s right.  And you just recently did one with the aliens and cowboys, right?
HS:  Oh no, I don’t do aliens.  Things get messy when it’s aliens.  *shakes head*
FS:  Please…may I ask the next question?
LOS:  You looked really old there though…
HS:  Makeup crew.  Best I’ve ever seen.
FS:  Please?  Captain Solo?  President Organa?
LOS:  See, the thing about me not becoming a Jedi is that I think-
HS:  Here we go again.  The problem is, that we have children who refuse to be thinkers, and they’re surrounded by the biggest thinker we know…she’s kinda like Pooh Bear…THINK THINK THINK…it’s all she does!  She thinks non-stop!  She wakes up in the middle of the night:  I’m thinking of something!!  SURPRISE!!!!!
FS:  Captain Solo-
LOS: You know, maybe I will take on more Jedi Training. 
HS:  Bring it on Princess.
FS:  This will be on the Holonet….you might want to get back to the interview please!
LOS:  Well, I know we’ll never see it.  Because YOU are always buying parts for the Falcon instead of a new Holonet station! 
FS:  This interview has been lost…
HS:  No I have not!  Things need to be fixed….what would you like more, a new Holonet station or a working ship!
LOS:  Forget it.
FS:  Can I…
HS:  I think we’re done here, aren’t we Miss…Sunstar, was it?
FS:  *sigh*  Yes…we’re done.  Thank you Captain Solo, and President Organa-Solo, for your time.  

That was all them....I made up nothing.  The questions were submitted to me by friends on The Lakehouse Forums.  Comment and let me my family as crazy as I think they are?  I love them either way...hope you do too!!!

To my mom and dad (who I will ensure read this post)  you are both awesome.  I love you and I am so excited that you are so into Star Wars with me.  As crazy as you are, I'd not want anything any other way.  Love you!


  1. You have awesome parents. And this is hilarious! :D Your family is the good kind of crazy.


  2. ROTFL!!! That is so awesome! BTW, Fallon, your necklace will be in the mail as soon as I get a padded envelope. Sorry it's taking so long...
    ~ D

  3. Well, this isn't embarrassing................ Just remember, as your Mother, I still out-rank you. And go clean your room.

    1. "Princess Leia", you are awesome. xD

  4. Haha! Oh Fally, this was hilarious, and the commenter above is right, your family is the good kind of crazy :D

    HS: Here we go again. The problem is, that we have children who refuse to be thinkers, and they’re surrounded by the biggest thinker we know…she’s kinda like Pooh Bear…THINK THINK THINK…it’s all she does! She thinks non-stop! She wakes up in the middle of the night: I’m thinking of something!! SURPRISE!!!!!


  5. Fal, I am HOWLING with laughter over here!!! xD Your parents are awesome!! I wish my parents were that crazy about SW! I mean,they love it, but they are lost when it comes to EU, fanfictions, and BEING the character. XD Hahaha, I'm still out of breath from laughing so hard! :D Talk to you later! :D

  6. If you enjoyed part one, stay tuned for more - we have plenty of good dinner table conversations. You may find our version of the EWOK adventures to be more revealing and of course we could talk for hours about my hairball of a sidekick. The best part of being the Solo family is the good times we share and the laughter that follows. We never hold back and I'm known to share too many details (the Princess has to keep reminding me there are kids in the room). So let your imaginations run wild - until next time. You all wish you could be more like me - Captain Solo.

  7. Sorry Fallon and readers, I'm going to have to do something to reign in your father/Capt. Solo. You know he can talk himself into and out of any situation. My goodness, give the man command of a keyboard and nothing is sacred or secret anymore. My apologies children. - Princess Leia
    p.s. There is nothing wrong with "thinking", if we had a few more common sense thinkers in the galaxy, it wouldn't be such a mess.

  8. Are you saying I don't know how to THINK? Listen Sweetheart, I seem to recall (more than once) my quick thinking not only saved your favorite members of the rebel alliance, I also saved your brother's sorry butt too. Maybe I was dreaming it or you were just too busy to notice.

  9. What an awsome post. I totally wish my parent were geeky like that. Starwars confuses my parent my mom saw i think the first movie and that was it so at starwar weekends she saw a picture of anakin and shes like thats luke right? i'm like"no thats his father, anakin" she said "that can't be his father he is to young" Me *total facepalm* hehe. your parents are awsome (and super nice judging the time i meant them at sww) loving this blog girlies keep up the awsome posts

    1. Awww, thanks Jedigal, we are super nice. See Fallon, so when you are yelling at us that we are the meanest parents in the galaxy, I will show you this post, because you know I am printing it out. We have powerful friends, your gonna regret this.

    2. lol every teenager thinks that about their parents i did lol but seriously fallon who wouldn't want han and leia as thier parents you lucky girl hehe.

  10. Alright flyboy, did I say anything about you not thinking? Why is everything always about you (DON"T answer that). We all know that you saved the day back at Yavin, can we move on, you got your medal. Hey by the way, are we still grilling out? I've got laundry to finish, you still have to run out to the store for items for supper. Isn't there some game on tonight you want to watch? And why in the world are we having this conversation on this blog when we are in the same house with each other?

  11. Ah yes - YAVIN! Who could forget, I know I certainly won't. But I am never going to forget HOTH - it was so frigid (and I don't just mean the temperature outside). You were doing your best to deny your true feelings for me (if I new you were Jedi back then, I might even think you were headed down the path to the dark side). But in the end (of course) my charm, wit and mode of transportation saved you from making a life-time of mistakes. Did I mention it was really cold on HOTH? That interview we did with Sunstar (what's her name?) brought back some good memories but she totally left out my Tauntaun impression and other finer moments like my great come-back line when you said you'd rather be kissed by a Wookie. You know I have to have the final word and now I'm going to do manly things like grill us some red meat in preparation for tonight's battle. I'll leave you guessing which battle I'm referring to. It's more fun to take our disagreements public - think of all the young minds we are (destroying) - I mean entertaining. (p.s. I think I'd better sign off before one of those strict moderators throws me off)

  12. Capt. Solo, your warning bar is way beyond red. You thought is was cold on Hoth, that's nothing compared to what your are going to be experiencing soon. That is the final word.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Princess Leia, I do hope that we all attend CVI, some of your awesomeness will rub off on my parents. Or at least enough of it where they will learn how to roleplay. xD

  13. O_______O

    We had a live one. EPIC! *dies*
    It was so in character! XDDDDD

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


    ...and that's pretty much all I have to say. xD

  16. Oh I forgot about the questions on TLH! This was awesome and made me laugh. :D Your parents are so cool!

  17. Maybe you can make a video interview or a audio interview. But that is just a suggestion. :)


  18. ROFL, I love hearing about your parents! They're hilarious and amazing! :D


  19. i wish i had a parent like that LOL

  20. *facepalm* NOW I know one of the reasons you are so awesome Fallon! DUH!!!! You're totally awesome parents! You lucky girl!;)


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