Friday, February 3, 2012

Clone Wars Review: The Box

**This post will contain spoilers for The Box** 

After last week's awesometastic episode of The Clone Wars....this weeks' episode was somewhat of a letdown.  I wasn't as impressed by the plot in this episode, and as our friend Kyle would say, it felt rather pointless.

The "fortune cookie" for this episode was "The strong survive; the noble overcome".
The episode started out with Cad Bane, Rako Hardeen (Obi-Wan) and Morallo Eval leaving their ship and meeting Count Dooku on the planet Sorrano.  Dooku likes to hear his own voice, I think, because he talks a LOT.  I ignored him quite a bit....haha!

Essentially, Dooku and Morallo Eval make this big puzzle game thing called "THE BOX" and all the best bounty hunters have to make it through the challenges to get to the next level.  The challenges in the box made me feel uneasy and kinda creeped out at some reminded me of a scary book I once read.  Haha!

I liked seeing Yoda and Anakin (for however brief they spoke) since it was quite foreshadowing.  Yoda even said his famous quote from Empire Strikes Back...that made me squeal.  Plus, Anakin was there...

I enjoyed seeing those parts, and the next little scene with Bane killing the guy for his old hat back.  EPIC!!!
Then the part where Dooku introduced the bounty hunters, which I'd already seen via commercial.....and then you really got to see the BOX!

I was impressed with the Box.  The design was cool (I mean, it's a BOX! WOO!) and the way it was all constructed made me freak out.  (because of aforementioned book, remember?) Embo was pretty cool with all his fancy flips, and the squid guy was just weird.  I loved how he "floated" when he walked though. And his head looked like a mushroom....just sayin'.

The lights on the box reminded me a lot of one of my favorite movies, TRON: Legacy.  The way it lit up and the lights inside totally reminded me of that movie, which is another thing that made it awesome. The second test scene, with all the mini lightsabers, or whatever they were, was REALLY COOL.  I liked that a lot, it looked like an epic battle field in a box.

I must mention Rako/Obi-Wan....because I think he's so cool.  Obi-Wan in disguise is still Obi-Wan!!!  He can't kill Eval in the end, and he naturally wants to help the rest of the team of bounty hunters, even Cad Bane who doesn't seem to like him very much!!

Cad Bane.......he's awesome in everything.  Savanna, I seriously have come to love Cad Bane a lot more since meeting you.  He's pretty epic.  I loved his scene where he said "If you're gonna kill him, do it like a man!"  I was so excited, Bane has a heart!!!!

The shield rays reminded me of TPM, and I bet it reminded Obi of that too.  I would've loved to see his face there, with the red shields.  Also, just saying.....those shields were sparkly.  Savanna, mission accomplished.  It gets a whole star just for having sparkles on the shields.

The last test was kinda freaky....all the fire!!!!!!!!  But it was quite suspenseful, and the soundtrack was INCREDIBLE.  It added a TON of depth to the scene.  Bane's epic (as always) and Obi-Wan/Rako Hardeen was REALLY cool.  He can really kick-butt if he wanted too!!!  And the ending was too much of a cliffy.  I am SO EXCITED for next week.

Overall, the episode wasn't horrible, but it wasn't my favorite.  I have extremely high hopes for next week, I know it'll be great!!!


  1. i felt the same way it was alright loved the scene of ani and yoda and the challenges especially how obiwan took charge and helped everyone was pretty cool not my fave though and definitly looking foward to next episode. awsome post

  2. I agree, it was an awesome episode but not as epic as the last two. Though I really loved Obi-Wan/Rako Hardeen here. He was all nice and wanting to help people during the test. I just wish we could have seen more of his facial expressions but I felt they got the emotions across for him well with body language.
    Looking forward to next week's episode!!! :D

  3. I really liked the episode. One of my favorites of the season. I thought the pacing was superb. And great review. I am adding the link to this to my second option part of my review.



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