Wednesday, February 1, 2012

R2-D2 is a Super Hero

If you asked most fangirls who their favorite super hero was, they'd probably say something along the lines of Iron Man, Captain America, or Superman. Hah! I would reply with "R2-D2". Seriously...he is always there to save the day!

First off, I must address Artoo's cuteness. Even though he may not be a fuzzy teddy bear or a wide-eyed puppy but, he shows us a new meaning of adorableness. All of R2-D2's little bleeps, bloops, and whistles are just charming. I also enjoy watching him interact with C3PO. Even though Threepio may be a little rough around the edges and rude, R2 somehow finds a way to ignore his annoying behavior.

Like I briefly mentioned before, R2 is always around to save the day! -ahem- Let me explain...

Episode I- Artoo was quite a droid in The Phantom Menace when he attempted to fix the shield generator on Queen Amidala's starship. Every single one of the other droids got blasted by enemy ships!

Episode II- Well, he did a few things in this movie but my favorite moments are in the droid factory. When Padme was stuck in a rut (AKA almost being flooded with hot boiling metal), Artoo casually flew into the scene and handled everything with class. He also looked out for C3PO again and helped reconnect his head and body during the huge Geonosian arena battle.

Episode III- This was an interesting time for R2-D2 because of his loyalty to the Jedi. I'm not sure if he understood everything that was going on with Anakin but Artoo stayed in the background for most of Revenge of the Sith.

Episode IV- I think that this is when Artoo really shined! He was so sweet in the desert of Tatooine when Luke became his new owner. I also enjoyed his reaction/bond with Obi-Wan since Obi didn't even remember him owning a droid. Don't forget that R2 saved the lives of our favorite heros when he shut down the trash compactor too!

Episode V- In this story, R2 didn't play a major role but he did help Luke while training to become a Jedi on Dagobah. I'm sure he gave Luke a lot of moral support since they're buddies. Artoo also followed the gang around from place to place while they were attempting to escape Boba Fett and the Empire.

Episode VI- Wooooot!! My all time favorite moment in R2's history is when he shoots the lightsaber out to Luke when his friends are trying to escape death by the Sarlacc Pit.

It's also awesome that Artoo is friends with all the heros of Star Wars. He was involved with the Jedi of the prequels and lived to help the guys and gals of the original trilogy. I hope you enjoyed this post about R2-D2! Would you agree with me and say that he's a super hero?


  1. r2-d2 is so my hero. love ya little buddy. :)

  2. awsome post i agree r2 is awsome and definitly a hero and for a droid he has so much personality whats not to love

  3. He's awesome! I know soooo many fans of him. And the deeds he did in the Clone Wars! Anakin would be dead without him! Thank god i dont think there's any mention of his death :)

  4. Okaaay, so Artoo is pretty super. ;) But Captain America will forever be my favorite superhero. LOL!!! ;) Amazing post Savanna (took you long enough!!! XDDD) ;D


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