Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Brothers

**Warning:  This review will contain spoilers for TCW Brothers**

Now I'll be honest. I was quite disappointed with this episode. I didn't like it half as much as I thought I would, and I wasn't at all anticipating the return of Darth Maul. Everything was really shrouded in mystery for a while, and I was hoping that TCW would do something really, really cool with Darth Maul's return...but not really. As my sister put it- "He lived in a dumpster with a spider butt held up with duct tape and he went mental from talking to that stupid snake like, twenty years."
(exact quote...thank you Glo-girl).

I pretty much agree with my sister's assessment. Darth Maul was FREAKY. There was so much potential to bringing him back...and personally, I didn't like the way they went with. I'm sure it all has a purpose but the only thing I see happening is him dying all over again. I mean...they can't kill Obi-Wan (again), so we're running out of options.

Two things I did like, (before I go off on the stuff I didn't)...I liked seeing Anakin and Ahsoka, even if their part didn't exactly fit into the rest of the show. I liked that Anakin could sense something familiar from long ago was kinda foreshadowing.

Another thing I liked- Ventress and Latts got a cameo from last week's episode!!! I love Latts now...she's epic. And I love Ventress too!! It was nice to see them, even if only for a second.

Savage was okay.  I felt bad for him honestly. He wanted to find his brother, after everything else was taken away from him, and all he got was Insane-Creeper-Maul and an annoying-as-all-get-out Snakey Guy.

The Snakey Guy....oohhh boy.  The second it opened it's mouth to talk I knew I hated it.  That did NOT feel like Clone looked like something from The Black Lagoon...or something. It's voice was annoying too. I do not blame Savage for strangling it...I was about ready to!!!

Another thing I liked...before I get into Darth Maul...I LOVED the music.  The music selection was great for this episode. Ominous but also it had hints from The Phantom Menace's soundtrack in there too. Nice touch!

Now Darth Maul...yikes. I didn't like his appearance at ALL. He was really really really freaky looking, and SERIOUSLY INSANE. I was cursing in my notes again...this time in serious confusion though. Darth Maul's voice was pretty creepy...his laugh was literally insane. I liked that he used the Mortis "chains" quote. I was like "OH WOW!! MORTIS!!"  For those of you who don't know...Mortis was my favorite arc.

Obi-Wan was awesome at the end, and it's leaving me BEGGING FOR BETTER EPISODES NEXT WEEK.  I really am nervous for Obi-Wan, as he is one of my favorite characters.  I don't want to see anything bad happen to him.  Even though I already know his fate. Anyways. I give this episode a 4/10.  It wasn't great. I didn't enjoy it and I'm hoping next week will be better. Until next time my friends, may the Force be with you!!


  1. I agree with you pretty much on the episode; I didn't think it was all that good, though I did enjoy parts of it.
    I actually found the snake funny but I could see how it could annoy people.
    I'm excited and nervous about next week's episode...I really don't want anything bad to happen to my Obi-Wan :(

  2. Glory's quote had me ROTFL! Awesome quote!

  3. LOL I totally love the quote! Awesome review!

  4. i agree it definitly wasn't my favorite episode (though i admit i did like it kind of) love the quote by glory hehe. and I am definitly looking foward to next weeks episode. i really hope obiwan doesn't have to bad of a time (though i have big feeling he will) anyway great review love ya girly :D


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