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Avengers Assemble

As part of our revamp of FOF...Savanna and I concluded to make it a "fandom friendly" blog!!  We'll celebrate all fandoms that strike our fancy...mainly focusing on Marvel Comic Super-heroes/Avengers, Disney's TRON: Legacy, and Indiana Jones!!  Star Wars will always be our main focus, and the posting schedule when it comes to TCW reviews and other posts will remain.

Anyway, I'll get to the point of this post!  This is Fangirls on Felucia's FIRST EVER AVENGERS POST. WOO!! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Avengers fangirl. If you don't know what The Avengers are....you are either A. living under a rock, or B. need to buy some movies.

The Avengers are a group of super awesome super-heroes who each have their own stories and joined forces to fight for the good of America, and the World.  They call themselves "The Avengers", or "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". I'll break down a bit more about each Avenger, and what the Avenger fandom really consists of. Joining me in this post is my fellow Avenger fangirl Tara, who is my go-to-girl for all things Marvel and Avengers!!  

(Fallon's Avenger Info)

Captain America, the First Avenger.  Captain America is my favorite Avenger, he's amazing and I love him.  But moving on.  Captain America is actually from the 1940's. And this is where a few of you who have been living under rocks say to me:
"But Fallon, isn't he like...OLD???"
Yes, yes he is. But allow me to explain. Captain America's real name is Steve Rogers. Steve is just a guy from Brooklyn, New York, who became America's first ever Super-Soldier. He was injected with a special serum that changed his overall appearance and gave him superhuman strength and power. He fought in World War II, defeating the evil H.Y.D.R.A. agents and their leader, Red Skull/Johann Schmidt. Steve sacrificed himself to save the world, and spent 70 years in suspended animation (frozen in carbonite...so to speak) so when he woke up, he was just as young looking as he was when he was frozen in the 40's, except he was in 2012. Watch the movie Captain America: The First Avenger for Steve's full story.

Tony Stark is Iron Man.  Tony is, in his own words, a "multi-millionaire playboy philanthropist". Iron Man is heroic, though he only came about when Tony Stark, a brilliant inventor and the head of Stark Industries, was in dire need of escape. He built a super-suit to power his way out of encampment when captured by terrorists who wanted him to build him a weapon. Later, Tony realizes that he can use his super suit, which is powered by an arc-reactor that keeps him alive, for good!! He saves the world from evil, and he turns out to be a very good person in the end. Iron Man, and Iron Man 2 (the sequel) show us that Tony does have a heart for humanity, so to speak, and also a heart for Pepper, his personal assistant.  Though Tony’s character mainly consists of his cocky-self-centered-egoistic nature, you can tell that he does have a sincere concern for good in the world.  Iron Man is my (Fallon’s) second favorite Avenger.  

Black Widow is another one of my (Fallon's) favorites. SHE is a kick-butt super spy, who looks a lot like my favorite Star Wars character, Mara Jade. Black Widow's real name is Natasha Romanova, and she is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents. She was featured in Iron Man 2, when she helped Tony Stark save the world from evil-doers. Known for her advanced skills in self defense and acrobatics, Natasha is a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see her in Avengers, where she will be back and better than ever, defending SHIELD and the world from evil!!!

The Hulk is my least favorite Avenger. His true identity is Bruce Banner, a scientist who was infected with Gamma ray toxins that, when his emotion runs high, turns him into a giant rage monster, the Hulk. When the U.S. government tried to control The Hulk's rage, they ended up causing more problems for themselves and the world when experiments go wrong and worse monsters are created!! Ultimately, the Hulk saves the world but ends up going back into Exile, because the Government thinks he's an just a monster, even though he saved them! The Hulk returns in The Avengers movie, and I am interested to see where his story goes.

(Tara's Avengers Info)

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is the master archer of the Avengers team. He first appeared as a cameo character in Thor, under the name Barton. Agent Coulson ordered for “a eye in the sky,” and Clint grabs his high-tech bow to stop Thor from reclaiming the Mjolnir. The skirmish ended before any arrows were let free. For the Avengers movie, Hawkeye upgrades from cameo to Avenger. Sporting the most high-tech bow money can buy, and being nothing less of the greatest archer in history, {not to mention his handsomeness}, I can’t wait to finally see him in action.

Thor is officially titled ‘The Mightiest Avenger.” Thor is the God of Thunder and heir to the throne of the realm of Asgard. In the Thor movie, because of his selfish, greedy actions, he is exiled from Asgard by his father, the King Odin. Meanwhile, his younger brother Loki becomes king and then begins a plot of revenge against the neighboring realm. Powerless and mortal on earth, Thor meets Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, and falls in love. Thor has to overcome his pride and reclaim his weapon, the Mjolnir hammer, to save the earth and all 9 realms from his brother’s schemes. By the help of his friends who came to earth to rescue him, Thor returns to Asgard to face Loki. The fight ends with Loki defeated, and fallen into a wormhole. {later you find out that’s how he gets to earth for the Avengers} As for the Avengers, Thor returns to earth {we don’t know how until the movie} to help fight his brother who is bent to dictate power over humanity. Thor is my (Tara’s) favorite hero, closely followed by Hawkeye and Captain America.

Thank you all for reading and discovering more about one of our favorite fandoms. Comment either here, or message us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know who's your favorite Avenger!


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  3. okay i have a confession up until you girls started talking about it on the lakehouse i have never heard of the avengers. I mean i have heard of some of them but i never knew they came together and there was a movie coming out and yeah but anyways it sounds awsome


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