Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Bounty

**Warning:  This post WILL contain spoilers for Bounty!!!**

Before I start this review, I'd like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on last week's review, I know it was a tad bit controversial, but they were simply my opinion and thoughts.  I'm happy there was some good discussion though, so thanks!

Now, onto Bounty.....this episode was GREAT!!! Possibly one of the best in Season Four this far!!!  I was very impressed.

I honestly went into this episode with low expectations.  Last week's episode still left me a bit upset, and I was not expecting Bounty to be such a knockout episode!!!

Things I loved:
Jawas!!!  VENTRESS!!!! She was incredible!!!  Boba Fett!  He was cute, and he had the most adorable Clone accent.  Bossk and Dengar and the other Bounty Hunter Chick!  The Ninjas!  And so much more!

Now I shall discuss.  WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! That was awesome!!!  The first thing I liked was Ventress.  She was pretty darn kick-butt in the beginning.  She was on Tatooine, and you see that it truly is a hive of scum and villainy.  The cantina is pretty cool, and they play a new song!  The amount of bounty hunters were so cool!! We even got a little Embo cameo!  Embo had a puppy!!!

The really, really cool Bounty Hunter chick with Bossk (his girlfriend...ahahaha), Latts, was awesome!!! She reminded me of "Poison Ivy" from Batman with her vine like whips.  Dengar was really cool.  I wasn't sure what to think of Dengar, since I don't really know much about him....but from what I DO know, as an EU fan, this really really really makes the EU even cooler.  If I have my facts right, Dengar helps rescue Boba Fett from the Sarlaac pit.  Could he remember Boba, the punk kid who led the mission on (THAT PLANET) with the valuable bounty?  I kind of hope so.  It's cool that they cross paths so long beforehand.

Also, just to mention, Dengar's voice was pretty darn cool, for all the controversy that surrounded the voice actor portraying him, Simon Pegg.

I have to thank Bounty for turning me into a Boba Fett fangirl.  I never really liked Boba before...I mean, sure he's iconic, and cool, and has a jet pack, but I always thought of Boba as that guy that Han knocks into the Sarlaac pit by accident.  Not very heroic or epic of him, huh?
TCW really changed my point of view of Boba.  I liked him in Season Two's finale, and I like him a lot more now in Season Four.  He was a leader, and a really cool guy!!!!  He was cute too, from a girl standpoint.  And I seriously LOVED his voice!!! Daniel Logan did a fantastic job....because Boba really sounded like a Clone Trooper in certain lines, which made my fangirly little self squeal and get super excited.

The really cool planet (INSERT NAME OF PLANET HERE) was awesome for me, because it was purple!!! My favorite color!!! And the sub-train thing looked like something from Tron, one of our new focuses here on FOF!!

Okay, next thing....the NINJAS.  WOOAAHHHH TCW JUST GOT A BILLION TIMES MORE EPIC.  THEY PUT NINJAS IN TCW.  Seriously, if you think about it, the "robbers" looked like Ninjas, they used cool vibroblade-swords, and had really cool hand-to-hand combat skills.  I loved it!!!

This episode had a real "train robbery" feel to it, like you'd see in old TV shows and movies.  Really fun concept, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

As we know, I am all about Character Development.  I now LOOOOOVE Asajj Ventress.  She has a CHARCTER, she has a STORY.  One reason I liked one of those Nightsister episodes in last Season (though I didn't really love them all) was the one with Ventress's back story, because it added more to her story.  Excellent.

Ventress has been burned time and time again.  Nothing but pain and loss for poor Asajj, and in one second, after one mission where she sees someone who she can relate to, she changes her whole outlook.  Her "I have a future" statement at the end left me literally applauding.  My mom was applauding too.  Beautiful.  I loved it!
On top of that, she was really epic, with her use of the Force, her lightsabers and simple hand-to-hand combat. soon as that chest was opened, and the girl rolled out, I literally wrote "WHAT? CONFUSED....." in my notes.  I was honestly perplexed.  What was going on?  And why was the head ninja hugging her?  Brother?  Say whaaaaat?

TCW, that was fabulous.  Absolutely perfect.  I loved it.  It held a plot twist, and it made Ventress think, and made the viewers think!!!  I loved Boba, and how he ended up in the end, while the girl and her ninja-brother had a happy ending.  It was so good!

I don't have anything negative to say really....except that I didn't like the centipede bug thing that Girl and Ninja-Bro rode out on.

Fabulous TCW, I really enjoyed this episode!!!!!  I give it a 10/10!!!! Home run with Bounty!!!!


  1. I completly agree sister. Loved this episode. I love what they are doing with ventress's character development. and this is really the first episode where i LOVED Bobba. Loved the twist of the ninjas rescuing thier sister i was like "WHAT" anyways great review God bless

  2. Great review, Fallon :) I loved Ventress's character building as well as her line at the end! :D I also really liked the episode(not as much as the Obi-Wan/Hardeen arc, Escape from Kadavo, or Carnage of Krell). I also thought it was better than last weeks episode since this one was a whole lot more interesting(I found last weeks slightly boring).
    May the Force be with you

  3. Excellent review. It was even better than last week's awesome episode! The best episode since "Carage of Krell".


  4. BOBAFETTBOBAFETTBOBAFETT!!! AND VENTRESSSSSS!! AND HER AWESOME OUTFIT!!! xD Haha, sorry for being such a spammer, but I absolutely cannot get over how awesome this episode is, and how much I LOVE it!!! <3
    Haha, when the chick fell out of the box, my brother and I were like "SAYHUHWHATTHEHECK?!?!?!" xD

    Oh, and did I mention

    BOBA FETT? <3 <3 So much awesomecoolamazingness.

  5. ...and I think Boba what thinking the same thing. xD LOL!


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