Friday, February 24, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Massacre

**Warning:  This post will contain spoilers and Fallon's opinions of Massacre**

I'll be honest and say that I outright hated this episode.  I did not like any of it.  I was thoroughly disappointed.  And I am not usually one to "hate" on any TCW episodes, so this is a big deal.  I also promise that I WILL find a few good things to say about the episode, despite how much I disliked it.

One must let go of the past to hold onto the future.
Okay, great.  That fortune cookie was pretty cool sounding, I could see a lot of possibility to work that into an episode.  But I didn't see this in Massacre at all.  Perhaps at the very  beginning when Ventress spoke with Mother Talzin, but after that, the plot was eaten by zombies and witchcraft and voodoo.

From a Christian standpoint, this episode had a bit of questionable stuff in it.  I wasn't to pleased with the witchcraft (it  makes me feel uneasy, no matter what shape or form it's in...I don't like Harry Potter for this reason), nor did I like the voodoo that Mother Talzin used on Dooku.  I found both gross and disturbing.  I also very much HATED the zombies, but I'll get into that in a moment.
Another thing from a Christian standpoint that didn't sit well with me was when toward the beginning, Mother Talzin makes Ventress a full Nightsister, and she says this:
"You are now reborn, a sister of the night.  Now we shall feast, to celebrate the baptism of our newest sister!" (or something like that, I didn't catch the full quote on my notes).
Using those words in particular with a ton of witchcraft made me literally sick to my stomach.  I did not like that at all.

I don't want to be super negative, so I will point out a few things I DID like.  First thing I liked was the Nightsister's weapons.  I love their bows and arrows, and seeing them in action was really cool.  I also liked the planet of Dathomir and the home of the Nightsisters.  I really loved the animation and thought it was beautifully done, as always.

Now I'll hate a bit more....the zombies.  Oi vey.  Seriously?  I didn't like the zombies when they had them in the Geonosis arc, but it wasn't that bad.  The Nightsisters Zombies threw me over the edge.  As if I didn't already dislike the episosde enough.....

I'll let you know now that I am NOT a fan of anything scary.  Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Halloween....I HATE IT.  I don't do horror, I don't do freaky, I don't do scary.  It's just not my thing.

Now.  Grievous has never been my favorite character of TCW, but I don't hate him!  And his little duel with Ventress was pretty cool, except that the zombies took over and screwed it up for me.

I feel really bad for Ventress though.  It's failure after failure after death after failure for her.  Why can't she WIN once?  Why??  At the end she was practically in tears, and I felt awful for her.  (see, i have a heart)

I did not like this at all.  My notes included multiple "ew" and "gross" and "%^&*" in it.  Not good.  I'd give this episode a 4/10 stars.  Not an episode for young kids, and not one for me.

This is just my opinion and I'd love to hear your opinions on the episode!!  Let me know what you think!!  Savanna and I vary in opinion this episode, so check her blog for her thoughts.


  1. *claps hands* Exactly my thoughts. I was like, "What the force? What is this? A horror film?"

    They WAAAAY over-did the zombies witch craft thing. WAY over did it. It was just plain wrong. I don't mind creepy stuff as a rule, and I expect a certain amount to appear in SW, but this was way too over the top. I seriously hope nothing like this ever re-apears in TCW again now that the freaks are all dead.

    I mean, horror in SW needs to stay in the books like Red Harvest, not a show watched by kids and adults alike on Cartoon Network. I mean, SW is great because both kids and adults (and adults who still think they're kids *points at self*) can watch it together and enjoy this.

    THIS was not classic SW. I would never let a kid see this zombie voodoo stuff. Probably freak them out and give them nightmares.

    Disappointing, but I'll move on. Next week's episode looks like a pretty radical turn from Dooku having a voodoo heart attack.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth Fal! Haha, you saw how I was fuming when we were chatting earlier. xD

  3. Yeah... if I had a choice I would rather they not have included the zombies and voodoo. I don't like the horror or magic genres, and one reason why I like Star Wars is that it doesn't include any of that. That being said, I look at the moral of the story. In Harry Potter, Harry uses magic with no real negative consequences and most of the witches and wizards are heroes and have a happy ending. Whereas in this episode, the witches were practically destroyed and wiped out as a result of their evil. So I'm fine with the use of sorcery since it was portrayed as a twisted and corrupted power just like it is in the real world.

  4. to much zolmbies not enough blastin im a guy for clones and droids

  5. Bravo you lovely lady!! I'm fully understand why you didn't like this episode. :D Onto bigger and better things next week!

    Love ya and props to you for standing up for our one, true God!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm guessing you people don't like rakghouls either then.

  7. what a poorly written article, with so many ignorant opinions. I pity you.

    1. PK just because she had different opinions then you doesn't make it ignorant and the article was well written she even stated at first that it would include her opinions which most reviews do. not agreeing is one thing but calling the article poorly written or ignorant simply because you don't agree is unfair and honestly makes you sound ignorant if you can't see and accept others opinions

    2. Obi-Wan: ............ So what I told you was true... FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW
      Obi-Wan: Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our OWN POINT OF VIEW............

      Dear PK, take a lesson from Obi-Wan. We all have a CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW. It is how we see the world and it is unique to each individual. It makes you who you are. You are free to disagree, but to state someone is ignorant because their worldview is different than yours essentially makes makes you a fool and a hypocrite (I have to accept your viewpoint, but you won't accept mine?). Good review Fallon, I know, as your mom, you never ever liked anything remotely scary, creepy etc. I didn't even watch this episode, too creepy. You and Savanna, keep on staying firm in who you are. This isn't the first "ignorant" (to borrow a term), comment you will face, nor the last. Our world is full of them, their kinda like battle droids "Roger, Roger".
      I'm proud of you both.

    3. Thank you for the words of wisdom and support Mrs. Leia!! ;) Love you!

    4. well put. you both have amazing blogs plus this one because you choose to stand firm in your beliefs and are not afraid to say it. Don't let comments like PK's get you down. your posts are amazing both of you. you two should be very proud of yourselves. Love ya girls God bless

    5. Just don't get religion influence your enjoyment of an episode!
      Discussing a GALAXY far far away from the point of view of some church here on Earth is not a logical thing!

  8. i kinda liked this episode. and actually kinda started to sympathize with ventress during it, which is weird because im a jedi through and through, or if im feeling like it, a bounty hunter.
    but all that aside the zombies...meh.
    But Mother Talzin and the B!tc# with the big head freaked me out a little bit.

  9. Great post and bravo to you for standing up for your faith its definitly not easy to do and i am proud of you.

    I definitly see where you are coming from though i don't completly agree i kinda sorta liked the episode the baptism i saw more as an initiantion (sp) which didnt bother me much the zombies though definitly not my thing were kinda cool in a freaky way. and this episode definitly had me sympatizing with ventress and made me like her a bit more.
    then again though witchcraft in general doesn't bother me in fiction I am a huge harry potter fan so the dark magic in it though i didn't care for didn't bother me

    anyway i really enjoyed your post you did have some good points and good on you for not backing down on your beliefs love ya girly God bless

  10. I still need to see this episode off of the Star Wars website, but I wanted to applaud you in holding up our Christian standards to it! Very well done, I'm so proud of you! I agree completely about witchcraft/Harry Potter ect. :)


  11. The episode didn't at all bother me but I can definitely see why you didn't like it and I respect your opinion on the subject. Not everything appeals to everyone and people are going to see things differently. I personally didn't mind the episode but if you don't, that is perfectly fine; we all have different ideas of what is good. Though in actuality I found the episode kind of dull and uninteresting. That sort of thing is, for me, interesting to read about and stuff but it didn't really seem to work with Star Wars all that much.

  12. I agree with you 1000% Fallon. This episode FREAKED. ME. OUT. and made me sick >.< X_X


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